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29% Return
On Investment

"We bought a house in Maroochydore
and added value through a big reno.
That deal earned us a profit of $152,000
over 6 months"
Rod Pascoe

- Rod Pascoe

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Michael Martin, founder of successful property buyers agency in Sydney, Investment Window helps its clients in building the best property portfolio.
Managing Finance and Property with Kate Browne
Kate Browne is the managing finance editor for Finder, Australia’s largest and most visited comparison site. She was also the lifestyle editor and investigative journalist at CHOICE.
Tyrone Shum

Who is Tyrone?

Best of 2020

Podcast Host

Back in 2015, Tyrone was searching for help to buy his next investment property. He was listening to a lot of investment podcasts that went into the details of how they bought property with very similar buy and hold strategies, but the human element was missing: the story of the individual - their background, when they got started and why.

This inspired him to reach out to Australian property investors and experts to capture their real life story, to paint a full picture of their lives - because every property investor had a unique story with years of investment experience to share.

See Who I've Met

Naomi Findlay

Naomi Findlay

Ben Kinsley

Ben Kingsley

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris

Margaret Lomas

Margaeret Lomas

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