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Property Investory has received over 100 reviews on iTunes, Android and other podcast directories.

Property Investory has all the big names in Australian properties. Inspiring stories and a great way to learn from the best!

Adam Padolski

It’s given me the motivation to continue my own learning and development in property. I’m a big fan of your podcast!

Benjamin Plohl

What is Property Investory?

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Whether you’re in the car, on a run or even doing housework, you can listen to the Property Investory Podcast anywhere, anytime via iTunes, Android, Google Play or Stitcher, SoundCloud platform.

World-class Experts

Trusted, innovative, professional experts, bring you to their words of wisdom. Listen to their stories, strategies, worst and best property investing moments and much more.

Everyday property investors on the same journey

With an active community of like minded property investors, you’re sure to find an episode that you’ll love. Simply ask a question and let the community help you.

About Us

Tyrone Shum

Host of Property Investory Podcast

What's in it for you?

The Property Investory podcast is made for people passionate about property investing.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor, this podcast will bring you the latest stories, strategies, and examples from Australia’s most innovative property experts.

Each weekday, your host Tyrone Shum will begin to explore the daily lives, influences, and worst and best property investing moments of his guests. Furthermore you’ll be led step-by-step through each property investors unique strategy to success.

Where does the name property investory come from?

Property lnvestory is a word Tyrone invented, the combination of “property investor” and “story”.

To learn more about Tyrone’s story click here

Featured Experts

Chris Grey

His the host of 'Your Property Empire', on Sky News Business Channel and the Financial Judge on Channel Ten's 'The Renovators'. He started off in TV as the Property Expert on Channel Nine’s My Home TV.

Cate Bakos

Cate is a regular commentator in the media, and contributes monthly to publications including Your Investment Property, Australian Property Investor, Smart Property and property Observer. She features in Domain and regularly enjoys interview opportunities on Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner.

Margaret Lomas

She is the Host of two weekly property investment shows on Sky News Business Channel 602; 'Your Money Your Call' and 'Property Success with Margaret Lomas' which she creates and produces.

Michael Yardney

He is a bestselling author, but he's no theorist. He bought his first property close to 40 years ago when he was in his early twenties - without a deposit and not understanding the rules of the game. He then went on to build a multi-million dollar property portfolio in his spare time.