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Landing a $1.1 Billion Sydney Real Estate Project

James Paver is a very successful property developer and managing director of development, investment and services firm in Sydney real estate market, Avenor.

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From Musician to Founder of NSW Real Estate Professionals

Lloyd Edge is the founder of Aus Property Professionals in NSW real estate. He has an impressive property portfolio, where he currently holds 16 properties.

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20 Rental Properties By The Age of 30

Sam Gordon, founder of Australian Property Scout in Wollongong real estate, helps his clients get the best possible deals available in the market.

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Industry Experts

Cherie Barber
Cherie Barber
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Chris Gray
Chris Gray
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Terry Ryder
Terry Ryder
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Jan Somers
Jan Somers
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Steve Mcknight
Steve McKnight
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Dominique Grubisa
Dominique Grubisa
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Michael Yardney
Michael Yardney
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Jane Slack Smith
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What Our Listeners Say

  • -Aidan Collyer

    "I love how authentic and genuine both he and his guests are. It’s great to see a podcast featuring self-made people who can share their stories and help others learn from their experiences personally, professionally and financially. I recommend giving it a listen"
  • -Adele

    "Just wanted to say been following you for a little while now. We were going to pull up some tiles ourselves inside the house, (do the whole DIY to save money) when I thought I'd better get someone to check we don't have asbestos in the house. It's was thanks to your podcast that changed how I thought."
  • -Hank P Ter Horst

    "I've thoroughly been enjoying your podcasts. Every day I listen to a couple whilst in the gym, constantly stopping to write notes down on my phone!! Since listening I've found so many other books to read as well as very sound advice. I'm so excited to get up each day and listen to your podcasts. Thank you"
  • -Billy Draper

    "Thank you for having the vision and the motivation to put together the podcast. Hearing real peoples stories has made me stop and re-evaluate my position in life and has motivated me to change from being a buy and hold passive property investor to aspiring to become a full-time active investor. Your podcast has really changed my mindset and set me on a new path"
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Property Investing

If you are new to Property Investment, start here.
Learn the basics of what you need to know step by step.

Working With A Buyers Agent

Working with a buyers agent can help you map out your investment strategy and buy the best property.
Learn from successful buyers agents as they tell you step by step how they did it.

Working With A Mortgage Broker

If you don’t want to spend time tirelessly searching for a loan that would end up being just a mediocre deal or to pay more than you should, then you’d want to work with a good mortgage broker. 

They’ll help you work out how much you can comfortably spend on a property and set goals for your purchase. A good mortgage broker will help you find the best deal and you can learn more about it below.

Developing Property

Ever wondered how the big names in property development ‘made it’ from where they started?
Discover the time-proven steps required to succeed in your property development journey.

Who is Tyrone?

Back in 2015, Tyrone was searching for help to buy his next investment property. He was listening to a lot of investment podcasts that went into the details of how they bought property with very similar buy and hold strategies, but the human element was missing: the story of the individual - their background, when they got started and why.

This inspired him to reach out to Australian property investors and experts to capture their real life story, to paint a full picture of their lives - because every property investor had a unique story with years of investment experience to share.
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About Tyrone Shum

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