Jason John Byron - Property Developments That Generated $30 Million Dollars

In this episode we’re talking to property investor and developer, Jason John Byron. He will describe how he became successful and how filming a speaker shifted his career, from a cameraman of 20 years to property investor. 

You’ll hear how a severe leg injury forced Byron to change the way he approached property investing; how his first property investment was made seven hours’ drive outside of Sydney; and how “the paintbrush guy” learned that sometimes, it’s better to hire professionals to renovate your investment properties. 

When They Started


Developments Completed


Main Strategy

Property Development

Cameraman Turned Infamous Developer, How Did He Do It?

Property Developments
Successful property developer Jason John Byron - whose interest in property was sparked while filming a speaker at a seminar, as a professional cameraman - will take us through his achievable steps and the basic fundamentals of adding value in property and how you can create real wealth through property development. 

Also discover how to train yourself to think positively in property, why it’s important to set goals for yourself throughout your journey and why having a system in place within your business will help you succeed. 

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Think Property Club: like most couples, Jason & Amy were just your typical average Australians working their 9 to 5 jobs that paid the bills living paycheck to paycheck, until an opportunity called Jason that got him into the door filming how secret millionaire's were making money in Australian property. 

 Jason explained to his wife Amy how these property millionaire's were succeeding without using their own money, so they decided to learn the skills, still while working their 9 to 5 day jobs as a side hustle. 

 Fast track 8 years and now Jason & Amy travel the country teaching thousands of people how to implement these strategies for themselves and have changed the lives of many Australians in the process. 
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Everyone started from somewhere, but our fear is when we look at the big picture and don't break it down into a process.
- Jason John Byron

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