[last updated October 2022]

Before applying any information you may gain through our online services, you acknowledge the risks and you agree to take responsibility for your own actions.

You might be looking for a way to get rich. We are not making any claims as to income you may earn if you use our information in any way. In presenting the information available through our online services, your individual circumstances have not been taken into account and you must obtain your own financial, legal and other professional advice before deciding to invest.

Some people make money through property. Some people lose money. Before you take any step toward investing in property, make sure you understand your finances and how much you can afford to lose. Do not borrow to invest if you cannot make repayments when interest rates rise.

Our online services contain general information about property development and possible projects. No warranties or guarantees are offered. There may be errors in the information provided. We do not accept any responsibility for any incorrect information.

Any feasibility study shared with you contains projections and estimates only and may be subject to substantial change after further investigation of the project. Any project could make a profit or a loss, including a total loss, subject to market forces and unforeseen events (like a natural disaster). There are no guarantees or assurances that a profit will be made or that you will get back in full any money you invest in a project.

Estimated timeframes will be subject to change and substantial delays can occur beyond expected timeframes, for months or years more than initially anticipated. Once you put money into a property development project you can’t get it out easily. You may have to wait months or years to find out if you will get a return.

Information about property development and investment does not fall within financial advice requiring an Australian financial services licence. Property Investory does not hold an Australian financial services licence. We make no recommendations and provide no specific advice regarding investments.

We collect information for our ‘Rich List’ of developers.

Where figures, earnings or returns on investment are mentioned (if any), those figures are estimates passed on to us by others, or information we may have obtained through publicly available sources. That information may change immediately after publication or may not have been accurate to start with. We have performed no independent verification of the statements made by those individuals or accessed through those sources. Do not assume that the figures are accurate or that it is possible to make the same kind of money.

Past performance cannot be an indication of possible future results. Results relate directly to the time, effort and resources committed to any venture by the participant. We have no control over those factors. Every person has different circumstances and a different market. We make no promises about actual results from the use of this information.

You agree not to hold us responsible, and to indemnify us for any damage or claims that may occur as a result of your use of the information available through our online services.

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