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About Property Investory

If you've ever wondered:

If you've ever wondered:
“Why less than 1% of Australians own 4 or more properties that allow them financial freedom?” you’re in the right place. Property Investory is where investors turn to for actionable proven property investment advice.

Property experts from all over Australia share their best strategies and resources enabling investors to build lucrative assets through property that will give them financial freedom.
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Vision and Mission Statement


Be the most trusted and innovative brand among the community of property developers and investors in Australia.


To share stories and the best investment opportunities through collaborations, partnerships and our podcast with property investors.

Our Values

Deliver a “WOW” Factor

We take the time to understand
their frustrations, needs and desires. Deliver a ‘wow’ customer experience.


We make it work because of teamwork. We pitch in, help in and support each other. Basically, we do it together.

‘We say. We do.’ Attitude

What we say, we do. We don’t beat around the bush or make excuses.
We’ll let you know if ‘we can’ or ‘we can’t’.


We own our craft. We keep
improving and keep learning.


We figure things out. We use what we can use and find solutions.

Have Fun

When we work, we do hard work - but we have fun and enjoy doing it!

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How Property Investory Helps You Find The Best Deals?

Many beginner investors ask

“Where should I buy an investment property?”

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked that question, I’d retire a rich man!

I learned the hard way that there’s a lot more to property investing than “just buying a property”.

And that’s where Property Investory comes in.

This website is where I show you the strategies, techniques and resources you need to build strong assets that deliver cash flow. Plus learn how to surround yourself with a professional team because property investing is a team sport!

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See who I've met

  • Hugh Jackman
    Naomi Findly
    Margaret Lomas
  • Mark Bouris
    Mark Rolton
    John Dimartini
  • Ben Kingsley
    Chris Gray
    Nhan Nguyen

The Journey So Far...


Growing Up

From a young age, my parents nurtured my love for building things and bought me lots of LEGO sets from monorails, to giant cities. That’s where I learned about construction and building of
systems (not in a literal sense).

Further Education

Finished high school and parents always encouraged me to go to
university to get a better education.

One of my interests were on computers and LEGO. So I enrolled in Computer Science at UNSW.

Turning Point

I failed the first year of university and felt it was the end of the world because I had never received scores below 50
in my entire life. I cried for the
whole night.

It was a wake-up call and a turning point in my life.

That same week, my aunty Amy gave me a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and that truly changed my life, which inspired me to change career paths
to become an entrepreneur and
(property) investor.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Funny enough one year later, Robert Kiyosaki was speaking in Sydney at the Entertainment Centre and I went to see him for the first time. It motivated me to take action and start a business in my spare time.

I joined a network marketing company and also ran a vending machine
business when I was still at university.

Turning Point

Finished university and changed career paths. I knew I needed to improve my sales skills, so I jumped into real estate working at LJ Hooker and Ray White for a number of years as a sales agent.

Meeting My Mentor

I met Steve McKnight (Australia's #1 best selling business and property investment author and founder of the biggest online property investing website) and joined his RESULTS mentoring program.

first property

During my mentorship with the RESULTS program, I bought my first investment property in regional NSW and started property investing.

Another project I started was renting and then sub-letting 6 properties across Sydney.

Buying a home

I bought another Property in Sydney initially for our Principle Place of residence. A few years later we moved.

Re-igniting my journey

Whilst running a video production company, through a referral I met Michael Xia who owned already 6 properties in his 20’s. It inspired me to learn more about property investment and it started my addition to subscribe to every property magazine and podcast I could find.

Frustration sets in...

Driving to work one day, I became frustrated that a lot of property podcasts were just facts and numbers about their portfolios and didn’t share their story. An ah-ha moment struck me with an idea of interviewing property investors and experts and make it really engaging. Not just the boring old interviews!
2017 May

Property Investory is born

Begun Property Investory with just 3 episodes.
2017 June

Top 15 Business Pocast

Climbed to the top of the charts and ranked top 15 in Business Category on iTunes
2017 October

Property Buyers Expo

Attended the Property Buyers Expo in Sydney and met many guests who appeared on my show. What a memorable moment to finally meet them in person!
2017 November


First milestone reached - 100,000 downloads and 74 episodes
2018 August

Half a million downloads

Hit the second milestone of 500,000 downloads.

Property Investory Deals

Launched the Property Investory Deals Network - where property investors could apply and invest into profitable deals.
2019 February

Major sponsor for podcast

ME Bank is the first major sponsor for Property Investory
2019 June

One million downloads

Reached 1,000,000 downloads and 250 episodes
2019 July

Corporate sponsors

Corporate Sponsors
CBA, NAB, ING and Telstra business partner with Property Investory as sponsors.
2019 July

Flying In Private Jet

First time flying on a private jet to Portland, Victoria and I purchased a commercial property with development potential.
2019 September

Property development

Nhan and Tyrone has an idea to create a Property Development Podcast.
2019 November

Featured in podcasts

Superfast Business interviewed Tyrone and his show. Then was featured as an expert on the first Australian Property Investment Show.
2020 January

Guest on other podcast

Over 1.6 million downloads and featured on Hustle and Flow Chart podcast
2020 May

Think Big Property

A new property development podcast called Think Big Property is launched.
2020 June

Impacts of COVID Enables Property Investory to Pivot

Tyrone’s real life property development series is released on Property Investory.
2020 October

Property Investory and InvestorHQ Partnership

Jeremy from InvestorHQ partners with Property Investory to offer peer to peer lending opportunities to our investors.
2021 June

Investors achieve 20-30% return

New deals that provide a 20-30% ROI for investors with security and short term payments.

Thanks for putting up with my incessant chatting!! Loved being part of your podcast and I can’t wait to hear it!

Kirsty Dunphey

Sounds good. You're building a really good amount of content. Well done.

Cam McLellan

Thanks, Tyrone. I love your interviewing style and finished product.

Bob Andersen

I have been enjoying listening to your podcast. Keep up the good work.

Daniel Ronnfeldt