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Property Developing in High Growth Areas Is Key With John L Fitzgerald

Affluent property developer John L Fitzgerald, from JLF Group, has a focus on buying land in areas of growth that will inspire you to kick-start your own property journey. Also, find out why you should be looking interstate for your next property and how you can build your wealth in seven steps! Click Here Now.

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The Housewife Millionaire: Buying a Property Investment in Australia

Founder of Somersoft Jan Somers will disclose her strategy for buying property with no need for a deposit and how the Somersoft software can help you purchase a property.

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Real Estate Strategies in Investing: McKnight 500+ Properties

Steve McKnight says property investing is risk taking. You can never truly know what you’ll face on the other side of the property door. Click to listen.

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Why Managing Funds of $2 Billion Gave Vaibhav Rastogi The Slight Edge

Vaibhav Rastogi shares on how he managed funds of up to $2 billion whilst working in finance and has built from scratch a $5 million plus property portfolio.

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From Dreams of Becoming a Fighter Pilot to Tax Depreciation Expert

Mike Mortlock, managing director of MCG Quantity Surveyors for 10 years and is an industry leader in tax depreciation. With a wealth of knowledge, he decided to jump into the property and development.

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From Kicking Goals to Landing Real Estate in Gold Coast Market

Matt Srama is a former professional rugby league footballer who played for the Gold Coast Titans and delved into the world of property at the ripe age of 26.

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UNO Loans Founder Disrupts Industry and Creates Australia’s first Active Home Loan Manager

Learn how Vincent Turner became an innovator in the finance and property industry with UNO Loans, the first digital mortgage service that helps people broker a better home loan in Australia.

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Landing a $1.1 Billion Sydney Real Estate Project

James Paver is a very successful property developer and managing director of development, investment and services firm in Sydney real estate market, Avenor.

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From Musician to Property Investor in NSW Real Estate

Lloyd Edge is the founder of Aus Property Professionals in NSW real estate. He has an impressive property portfolio, where he currently holds 16 properties.

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20 Rental Properties By The Age of 30

Sam Gordon, founder of Australian Property Scout in Wollongong real estate, helps his clients get the best possible deals available in the market.

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How to Make $2.2 Million in 2.5 Years through Building Apartments

Learn with Orane Swan on how her skills in sales and marketing ultimately led her to start her property investing, building apartments, and house journey.

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Never Too Late To Start Your Journey in QLD Real Estate Market

Henry Ledingham is the founder and development manager of +Ethos. His company helps its clients with residential property development in QLD real estate market.

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