16 June, 2018
Taku Ekanayake

29:22 Mins

Why You Should Take Up Property Investing As A Side Hustle and Get An Extra $70,000 Out of a Simple Reno, like Taku Ekanayake

Uber driver/salesman, Taku Ekanayake, has learnt from undertaking property investing as a side hustle that connections are key. You’ll learn how to use these connections to find the best properties for under market value and how a quick reno can instantly increase the value of your property! You’ll hear Ekanayake’s advice for anyone looking to


15 June, 2018
Tony Gellert

25:28 Mins

Behind the Scenes of Property Investment: The Legal Side of Investment explained by long-time solicitor, Tony Gellert

Unlike the majority of our episodes at Property Investory, this episode with Tony Gellert shines a light on the legal implications and problems associated with property investment and important legal issues aspiring investors should understand before impulsively delving into the industry. Listen to our conversation with Tony Gellert to discover a lawyer’s perspective on particular


13 June, 2018
Bushy Martin

26:19 Mins

The Affordances of Investment: Bushy Martin on how to effectively sustain long-term property investment

Growing up in the regional areas of Victoria, Martin had never envisioned a future in property investment, let alone start his own advisory business for investors struggling  in the property investment field. With an international property portfolio worth over $4 million and 12 property investments under his belt, Martin uses his past experiences to help