21 April, 2018
Justin Gehde

18:42 mins

Conducting the Property Development Orchestra with Justin Gehde

In today’s podcast we meet Justin Gehde – director of Gehde Developing and host of The Property Developer Podcast – and find out how his hard work passion for development let him turn a dream of a 6 unit block into a reality of twenty! Gehde reveals how he went working with vodka bottles on


19 April, 2018
Cam McLellan

22:01 mins

Don’t Work For Your Living, Double Your Investments Instead with Cam McLellan

Director of OpenCorp Cam McLellan will discuss the nuts and bolts of his strategy and why you should be greedy and expect both positive cash flow and capital growth to impact your portfolio. Check out what Steve McKnight and Jan Somers taught McLellan, why finding a successful property investor in Australia is like wading through


18 April, 2018
Peter Diamantidis


Faster Property Development Processes And More Profit with Peter Diamantidis

Heavy hitting investor, developer and real estate agent Peter Diamantidis will discuss how his strategy has matured from a seed to a tree through buying and holding to being able to sell some properties off to make way for more advanced development. Discover how you can find an investment property for under market value, what