22 February, 2018
Justin Gehde

26:22 mins

Challenge and Evolve with Justin Gehde: How To Buy Sites That Produce Higher Yields

Justin Gehde – property developer and host of The Property Developer podcast – will discuss his latest project, why developers should be targeting owner occupiers rather than investors and show you how to implement a contingency budget to meet those pesky, unexpected costs! Also discover why it’s important to get advice from people who can


21 February, 2018
Simon Loo

24:49 mins

How To Generate Over $1.7 Million in Equity, Like Simon Loo

Simon Loo, director of buyer’s agency House Finder, will tell us the nuts and bolts of his property investing strategy, which has allowed him to build a portfolio worth over $4.5 million with over $1.7 million in equity. Find out how to focus your mindset on your goals for acquiring financial freedom, the resources to


20 February, 2018
Peter Mastroianni

21:26 mins

Say Yes To Rentvesting And Save Your Way Out Of The Rental Cycle With Peter Mastroianni

This episode of Property Investory continues the conversation with Peter Mastroianni,  – co-founder of Loans Only, author, and rentvesting expert – as he takes us through the strategy, mindset, and inspiration that culminated in his investing successes. Follow along as Mastroianni recounts his journey from being mentored by a former monk through to starting his


18 February, 2018
Munzurul Khan

30:54 mins

An Extra $2,000 or A Missed Opportunity? Take Action Now with Munzurul Khan

Chartered accountant and property investor, Munzurul Khan, will take us on his journey from working in the corporate world to setting up his own flourishing business. Find out why the opportunity cost of missing out on a great property often outweighs the financial cost and learn from Khan why it’s so important to take action.


16 February, 2018
Drew Evans

25:08 mins

Easy As Pie: How To Sign Some Paperwork and Make $165,000 Like Drew Evans

Property investor and developer Drew Evans – director of Caifu Property – will show us how property investing should be as easy as pie through planning for the worst case scenario. Uncover his journey from a close call in Zimbabwe, to saving $39,000 for his first deposit, to starting his own prosperous business. Find out


14 February, 2018
Sana and Mona Ali

18:03 mins

When, Where and How To Buy In The Property Cycle with Sana and Mona Ali

Mortgage brokers and Property Twins Sana and Mona Ali will uncover their strategy for building a portfolio worth over $5 million, discuss why it’s important to do what’s right for you rather than what everyone else is doing and what they predict for the Australian market. Discover how to overcome challenges like analysis paralysis and