Simon Loo - How To Buy 12 Properties and Invest Real Estate

We’re chatting to Simon Loo, a successful buyer’s agent who has built a portfolio of 12 investment properties and helps others to invest real estate. You’ll hear how he learned from his mistakes and began building his portfolio, the pivotal moment when everything clicked for him and how he unlocked his portfolio’s potential by timing the market! 

You will also discover why he chose property investing over other wealth creation vehicles, why investing in positive geared properties is more beneficial and how his humble beginnings in a nine-to-five sales job eventually led him to broaden his horizons through property.

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How To Generate Over $1.7 Million In Equity, Like Simon Loo

Simon Loo, director of buyer’s agency House Finder, will tell us the nuts and bolts of his property investing strategy, which has allowed him to build a portfolio worth over $4.5 million with over $1.7 million in equity. 

Find out how to focus your mindset on your goals for acquiring financial freedom, the resources to turn to for information and how positive cash flow is of the utmost importance when accumulating properties - even if it feels like it’s taking a longer time than you expected.

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Note: Some of the resources may be affiliate links meaning I receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

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Making money through property investment People often fall into the trap of purchasing investment properties for emotional reasons, convenience, or via unsubstantiated hopes sold to them by spruikers, developers, the media, and even family & friends. 

We locate and purchase properties based on numbers first, ensuring our clients reap the financial rewards from day one, and lay the foundation to build a significant property portfolio.

Through years of experience networking and purchasing property with selling agents across Australia, our clients often enjoy access to ‘distressed’ properties that are not obvious to conventional search methods.
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Because after so many years, you get to a point where you just want to smell the roses a bit and want to enjoy what you're doing.
- Simon Loo

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