Recommended Partners

Without a doubt, we can deliver high quality services to investors like YOU thanks to our trusted partners.

We are thankful to work together with key companies and individuals who value the same passion
we have for excellence in property investments and developments. These partnerships were connected from personal experiences, and it’s an honour to introduce them to you.

Here Are Our Recommended Partners We Work With:

Advanced Property Strategies

Australian Property

eBusiness Institute

House Finder

Inkosi Wealth


Property Investment Partners

High Yielding Investment Opportunities
Jeremy Allen | InvestorHQ Founder
We are proud to say that our partnership with Inkosi Wealth has opened doors to new investments for veterans in property investing and development.

With Inkosi Wealth, they provide profit-yielding property opportunities for our investors— 15 - 20% ROI! Whether you’re a homeowner, builder or investor, Inkosi Wealth champions your goals and helps pave your way towards property journey success.
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Salena Kulkarni | Inkosi Wealth Founder
Simon Loo | House Finder Founder

Buyers Agent Partner

Sourcing the best properties
Simon Loo | House Finder Founder
House Finder is our go-to buyer’s agency for an all-inclusive service that searches for the best
investment properties for people. We recommend Simon Loo’s company to both first-time investors looking to build their portfolio or experienced investors with numerous properties under their belt.

In fact, if you’re looking for a BETTER way to save time while finding great deals in your property journey, then look no further than House Finder.

(I’ve personally witnessed how Simon Loo and his company have been able to find a lot of off market deals for the clients whom I recommend to work with him and his company!)
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Digial Asset Partner

Sourcing the best properties
Matt & Liz Raad | eBusiness Institute Founder
We are ecstatic with our partnership with eBusiness Institute—a digital training organisation that focuses on helping their customers generate income online.

The company’s founders—who are also property investors—Matt and Liz Raad, have proven themselves as experts in their field, successfully selling, renovation and buying businesses and websites worth up to $20 million.

eBusiness Institute specialises in helping individuals build income security by providing specially-designed training courses that benefit both beginner and veteran online entrepreneurs to succeed in our world’s ever-increasing technological economy.
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Matt & Liz Raad | eBusiness
Institute Founder

Customer Testimonials

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The feedback has been really positive and we really enjoyed the experience. I feel very fortunate to have met you at the property buyers expo.

Penelope Valentine

I am enjoying your podcasts and passing many on to my daughters to listen to, especially Kirsty Dunphey interview. You are spot on with the guests. Very informative, perfect questions, educational and motivational.

Darren Attard

I love your podcast and listen to it all the time. I’m currently looking to build a portfolio, so it’s great to hear of all the other stories out there, you have some really good guests on there. Thanks.

Paul Glynn

I've listened to your podcast for a while now. Got a $2M portfolio with 4 properties sitting neutral at the moment and start of 2019 I quit my job ($140k/yr) in the mines and went travelling with my partner. Your podcast contributed to this. Thanks

George O'Brien