Sam Gordon - From The Farm To 20+ Properties Now

Meet Sam Gordon, the successful property investor and owner of Australian Property Scout. With 18 properties now, accumulated over the last 10 years, Gordon has been able to build a very impressive and successful property portfolio worth up to $5 million. At a young age he was on the verge of achieving his dreams of becoming a successful soccer player. Then was working on his family’s farm before becoming a buyer’s agent. 

Join us as we delve into Sam Gordon’s property investing journey as we talk about his upbringing on his family’s farm, his passion for soccer and what hindered him from further pursuing that dream, the moment that changed his career path, the incredible story about his first property purchase and much more on another exciting installment of Property Investory!

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Sam Gordon’s Expert Advice On How To Build A $5 Million Portfolio Before The Age Of 30

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We are joined once again by property buyer’s agent and founder of buyer’s agency, Australian Property Scout, Sam Gordon. We dive deeper into his world and he shares the strategy that he has created that work for him and his clients and we also learn about the mindset that he has that enables him to be so successful. 

Come with us as we find out about the trident formula that Gordon has created and what that means, an example of the trident formula being put to use, why relationship building can play such a large role in the property industry, how he remains motivated and what his goals are in the near future, and so much more on this enthralling episode of Property Investory!

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Video: Buying Below Market Value

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Australian Property Scout is an investment Buyers Agency Service that sources quality investment properties right across the country. Founded by Sam Gordon, an avid property investor who built a property portfolio of 20+ properties within his 20’s and retired from the workforce. APS uses the same strategies that Sam used in his own success, to achieve success with his clients.
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You get lessons from everything you do in life I honestly believe. And the lesson I took from it was that it made me want to become a buyer's agent. So I would never do what he did to me, to anyone else.
- Sam Gordon

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