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I love your podcasts and find them interesting, thought-provoking and very worthwhile. Well done.

Rod Walker

Sounds good. You're building a really good amount of content. Well done.

Cam McLellan

“Before being featured on Property Investory, it was mostly through referrals, mostly through repeat business and word of mouth. These were through my own relationships with mortgage brokers and solicitors that I have a relationship with and they trust what I do.   Also, I don't do a lot of marketing as a business because […]

Simon Loo

“Before appearing on Property Investory, mostly my leads came from my existing clients and they refer friends and family into me. So that's my main source of getting my clients. Then after appearing on Property Investory, I was so amazed because literally the next day I had three phone calls and a couple of text […]

Clare Monkley

“Before being featured on Property Investory, I was generating leads for my business through joint venture partners, marketing partnerships, but also from other business organisations.   Then after appearing on Property Investory, it gave me a lot of exposure and people were able to find me consistently. They told me, "I heard your podcast and […]

Helen Tarrant

“I have a handful of ways to generate leads and sales to my business. Oftentimes it's through the existing database that I have. Also I use on Facebook for advertising as well as other affiliate marketing groups throughout Australia. After appearing on Property Investory I believe it's been very, very positive. I get increased exposure […]

Nhan Nguyen

“Before Property Investory, I was just reaching out to my circle of friends and family.  It wasn't a wide reach and limited my options available. Also the other way was just financing the deals for myself through mortgages and my own cash. After coming onto Property Investory I received a far wider reach to potential […]

Rod Pascoe

“We were receiving our leads mainly through a mixture of word of mouth through property forums and going on podcasts. We don't do any form of other types of paid advertising. All of these are mostly organic. After coming onto Property Investory, it's actually really good. We definitely saw a spike in enquiries and got […]

Michael Xia

“Before Property Investory I was receiving leads from my contacts all over Australia and referrals. Since I have joined Property Investory it's given me exposure far, far wider to a completely different audience that I haven't tapped into. I've received numerous enquiries in a very short space of time, people who are genuinely ready to […]

Jill McIntyre

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Be the most trusted and innovative brand among the community of property developers and investors in Australia.
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