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Thanks very much, Tyrone. I’m a massive fan of your podcast keep up the great work.

Rob Moore

“Before Property Investory, I was just reaching out to my circle of friends and family. 

It wasn't a wide reach and limited my options available. Also the other way was just
financing the deals for myself through mortgages and my own cash.

After coming onto Property Investory I received a far wider reach to potential
investors and people that want to network in property. 

It's been a huge benefit, having leverage to an endless supply investors or people that are like-minded to network with.

It has been a big-time saver and the return on investment (ROI) from just one deal has been 25 X more than I would have achieved by myself.

I recommend Property Investory because they have such a wide network and the
integrity and the professionalism I'm getting is a reliable source.”

Rod Pascoe

I love your podcasts and find them interesting, thought-provoking and very worthwhile.

Well done.

Rod Walker

Thank you for the podcasts, must say really informative.


Zoran Solano’s podcast was quite informative. Manage to grab book of Steve McKnights and attended Ian Ugarte’s seminar last week in Sydney.

You are doing an awesome job. Hope to catch up someday.



Thank you so much for the podcast, it has changed a lot in me regarding Property investment I am regular listener of your podcast. Great Job

Sanjay Pradhan

Congratulations once again mate, I hope you become Australia’s number one property podcast. I think it’s possible as you have the perfect formal that will always grow. Most of the other podcast put me to sleep lol.

Scott O'Neill

I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you for all the hard work you put into producing your podcast.  I listen to it religiously along with Property Couch, Smart Property Investment and Michael Yardney - I always get value from it... the way you produce it I can hear must take absolutely metric tons of editing to have it all broken up with the small segments and so on, so I thank you for the effort you put into that.  Well done, thanks for all the effort so I get to learn from your guests, and keep those case studies coming with the actual property numbers, they're fantastic.

Sean Steele

I just want to thank you for creating your podcasts on Property Investory.

Hearing the stories of these successful investors has been truly inspiring. 

My family and I are about to start our own property investment journey and are currently obtaining quotations on our proposed developments. We are about to build 2 x 3 bedroom freestanding investment homes. 

Thanks again for the great work you are delivering with your podcasts

Shannan Jackson