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Thank you and we love your podcast.


Great podcasts! I stumbled upon them and love your interview style. They are very informative and were just the encouragement I needed to get my property investing back on track.

Stephane Lavergne

Just wanted to say I have been really enjoying listening to your podcast and have learnt so much. It has made me want to continue on the journey of being a property investor.

Stephanie Chant

Thank you so much for your wonderful podcast which I always enjoy when I am travelling long distances.

Sydney Asmhumhi

I have an insatiable appetite for audible (because I'm a really slow reader) learning anything to do with property and equity investing. Enjoying your podcast, well done.

Tam Thorogood

I love the work you do it gives my partner and I (22 years old) some inspiration to stop running the rat race and to live financially free under our own terms.

Tyson Williams​

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