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“I have a handful of ways to generate leads and sales to my business. Oftentimes it's through the existing database that I have. Also I use on Facebook for advertising as well as other affiliate marketing groups throughout Australia.

After appearing on Property Investory I believe it's been very, very positive. I get
increased exposure nationally through being associated with the brand as well as other people who have spoken on the podcast. 

It's also a valuable image and brand building opportunity. I think with a common ground of property investors and reliability through other contacts, affiliates and other
people who are respected in the industry, it is a lot easier for me to connect with
people and expand my network.

I recommend Property Investory to other businesses because it's pure and clean, there is no hidden agendas, it's all about adding value to other people and doing in a way that genuinely helps in the long term.

That's what I want to be associated with.”

Nhan Nguyen

Like you I have been trying to educate my self in property investment. I have been listening to podcasts daily (Real Estate Talk,  Micheal Yardney, The Property Couch and more), reading books and going to seminars. I started getting interested in property investment soon after my wife and I purchased our first home (30km from Melb CBD) in 2012. We've since purchased a further two properties as investments and moved out of our PPR using Chris Gray's rentvesting strategy. It's been a great move for us as we now live close to the Melbourne CBD and close to our jobs. This move has really improved our lifestyle and we're really enjoying it. 

Well done on the podcast, it's brilliant!

Nick D

Love ur show 🙂 🙂

Omer Bernstein

Great podcast, built 3 houses in the last 2years!

Patty Derrick

Tyrone, I love your podcasts man. God bless

Paul D

I love your podcast and listen to it all the time. I’m currently looking to build a portfolio, so it’s great to hear of all the other stories out there, you have some really good guests on there. Thanks.

Paul Glynn

The feedback has been really positive and we really enjoyed the experience. I feel very fortunate to have met you at the property buyers expo.

Penelope Valentine

Thank you Tyrone, looking forward to receive your info...and have briefly read how you started the Property Investory...well done. Great idea and well appreciated.

Regards Andrej

Really enjoy your podcast. Listen at work for inspiration and insights.

Reinald Kuriki

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