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Thanks, Tyrone. I love your interviewing style and finished product.

Bob Andersen

Thank you and we love your podcast.


Just started listening to your podcast. Great content. Keep up the awesome work. “Thumbs up”

Levi Cotton

Zoran Solano’s podcast was quite informative. Manage to grab book of Steve McKnights and attended Ian Ugarte’s seminar last week in Sydney. You are doing an awesome job. Hope to catch up someday. Cheers!


I love your podcast and listen to it all the time. I’m currently looking to build a portfolio, so it’s great to hear of all the other stories out there, you have some really good guests on there. Thanks.

Paul Glynn

Like you I have been trying to educate my self in property investment. I have been listening to podcasts daily (Real Estate Talk,  Micheal Yardney, The Property Couch and more), reading books and going to seminars. I started getting interested in property investment soon after my wife and I purchased our first home (30km from […]

Nick D

Thank you for the podcasts, must say really informative.


I just wanted to say a huge thanks to you for all the hard work you put into producing your podcast.  I listen to it religiously along with Property Couch, Smart Property Investment and Michael Yardney - I always get value from it... the way you produce it I can hear must take absolutely metric […]

Sean Steele

Big fan of your podcast, by the way.

John Comino

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