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14 August, 2017
Christine Williams


Rentvest For The Great Australian Dream with Christine Williams

Investment property strategist at Smarter Property Investing, Christine Williams, will share her personal investing story, how she became a rentvestor before term was introduced and how she learnt the hard way about residential and commercial interest rates, so that you don’t have to! Learn how to manage your day through communication and teamwork, a big


12 August, 2017
Freda McGavin

22:28 mins

How To Save For Your First Deposit With Freda McGavin

Chatting with experienced investor Freda McGavin, you’ll find out how she has adopted small changes in her life to make her property investing dreams a reality. Following her journey from a Queensland mining boom opportunity to developing a diversified portfolio, you’ll uncover how McGavin has secured long term gains and why it’s the little things


10 August, 2017
Jeremy Iannuzzelli

26:02 mins

Property Profits in a Few Hours A Week with Jeremy Iannuzzelli

Accountant Jeremy Iannuzzelli will delve into the nuts and bolts of his personal investing strategy and the habits that have allowed him to grow and round out his portfolio. You’ll also discover how he has utilised capital growth to his advantage and how you can manage your portfolio in a few hours a week, just


8 August, 2017
Michael Yardney


Michael Yardney on Investment Stock vs. Investment Grade Properties

Chatting with CEO of Metropole, Michael Yardney, we will follow his journey to success – starting from a joint investment at the age of 21 – and how he learnt the importance of cash flow and property cycles first-hand. Uncover the multi millionaire’s humble beginnings in business at a Melbourne restaurant called ‘Metropole’ and learn


6 August, 2017
Ben Everingham

30:10 mins

Timing The Property Investment Market with Ben Everingham

Chatting with business owner and director Ben Everingham, watch his less than smooth journey unfold as he details scenarios of his experience, fluctuating from profitable properties to tenant horror stories. Also, learn how Everingham has made it his mission to set his family up for life, using property as a vehicle! You will learn how


4 August, 2017
Josh Masters

33:45 mins

Buying Your First Property & Travel The World: Josh Masters

The owner of Buyside Buyers Agency and author of Why Property Why Now, Josh Masters will share his story on how he supplemented his hard-earned income with smart property investments and the interesting anecdotes that contributed to his bumpy road to success! Find out how Masters saved a deposit for his first property while allowing


Featured Experts

Chris Gray

He’s the host of 'Your Property Empire', on Sky News Business Channel and the Financial Judge on Channel Ten's 'The Renovators'. He started off in TV as the Property Expert on Channel Nine’s My Home TV.


Margaret Lomas

She is the Host of two weekly property investment shows on Sky News Business Channel 602; 'Your Money Your Call' and 'Property Success with Margaret Lomas' which she creates and produces.


Cate Bakos

Cate is a regular commentator in the media, and contributes monthly to publications including Your Investment Property, Australian Property Investor, Smart Property and property Observer. She features in Domain and regularly enjoys interview opportunities on Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner.


Cherie Barber

Australia’s undisputed Renovation Queen, has been a full-time professional renovator for more than two decades, and has personally renovated 112 properties… and counting. She’s a sought-after public speaker, educator, media contributor and renovator extraordinaire.


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