Paul Benson - Choosing a Financial Planner For Your Investment

Paul Benson is a financial planner, podcast host, author and property owner. This week we’ll talk to him and learn about his upbringing, and the first job that opened up a world of opportunities for him. We also discover how he decided to start a podcast, and how he managed to make 90 grand on his first property. 

He also shares some general knowledge on all kinds of investments like stocks / shares. As well as the step by step guide he uses to assess the risk of any investment. 

All that and more on this episode of Property Investory! 

Bought His First Property At

24 Years Old

Properties In Portfolio


Main Strategy

Buy and Hold

Create Financial Freedom: Go From Shares to the South of France

Paul Benson, Host of Financial Autonomy, is back to discuss his mindset and strategies when it comes to investing. In this different kind of episode, we learn about stocks and shares as other forms of investment, as well as our usual property talk. 

Join us as Paul explains the downsides of negative gearing from a financial planner's perspective, how the stock market helped him get started, and how his business became a huge risk during the GFC. 

Through discussing the importance of choice and financial freedom, Benson leaves us dreaming about rolling fields in the south of France, and skyscrapers in New York city. If that doesn't inspire you to start building wealth, I don’t know what will!  

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Property is one usually... it's a piece of the puzzle and not the entire puzzle.
- Paul Benson

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Financial Autonomy will begin with gaining clarity on your goals. We can’t develop your successful strategy if we don’t understand what ultimate success looks like for you. Next, we look at your current cash flow management strategy – is there the scope to increase your rate of savings without sucking the joy out of life? With those two foundation elements done, it’s strategy time. What combination of the three pathways will work for you – shares, property, or self-employment?
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It formed the basis of some great relationships and clients that are still clients to this day, because of how we work together through what for them was a really worrying time. 
- Paul Benson

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