Josh Rockingham - How This Electrician Sparked a $1.7M Uplift in Under 3 Years

Josh Rockingham wears many hats— electrician, husband, and father are just the beginning. Although his foray into property investment is still a fairly recent venture, it’s poised to be just one of his many great successes. 2018 saw Rockingham and his unsuspecting brother take a leap of faith that certainly paid off, to the tune of over $6.8M in equity! 

In this episode we hear all about how one piece of advice from a fellow tradie sparked just the fire he needed. He delves into the several career options he considered and how the path he’s on now is the one that brings him the most fulfilment. No matter what he does, or what anybody else says, he dives in with everything he has. It really goes to show, sometimes parents really don’t know best!

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Josh Rockingham on Making $6.8M in Equity By Living on the Edge

We’re back with Inphase Electrical Group’s Josh Rockingham, and we’re joined by his broker-turned-friend, Kimberly Linder. In this episode we discover the approach he takes to seize opportunities, which may not be the most recommended method, but the dream team always turns it into gold. With the help of Linder and her husband, Rockingham gives credit where credit is due, while recognising the great strengths within himself he never knew he had.

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If you have a bit of confidence about yourself, then really, you can learn anything and pick up anything. If you pick up things quickly, you'll pick it up. I guess the biggest thing is fear. Don't be fearful and just go for it.
- Josh Rockingham

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Whether you want to chat about property or electricity— or maybe even both— you can contact Rockingham through his business website at

You can also find him on Facebook via, email [email protected], or give him a call on 0448 412 108. 
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I hit them up with the great idea of, 'Hey, can you guarantor a property for me?' They first looked at me [and] said, 'No, why would we do that? What are you going to do about paying me back?
- Josh Rockingham

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