John Russell - Accounting Manager Turns $20M Into $100 Million at 23

John Russell is the Head of Sales & Marketing at JAM Group, and an inspiration for more reasons than one. After conquering several health battles in his young life, he dusted himself off and sprung into action, running a $200,000 daily cash flow at just 23 years old. From there, he realised his passion for property and grabbed it with both hands, not wasting one second in pursuing his dream. 

In this episode we’ll hear about his childhood and growing up in Brisbane, where he then studied accounting at university. He delves into his time at a well-known trampoline company and the prestigious graduate program that helped him realise his true calling. We’ll also find out about the one night that changed everything for him, and led him to where he is today. 

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Communication is Key: John Russell’s Unique Approach to Success

We’re back with John Russell, Head of Sales & Marketing at JAM Group. In this episode he gives an overview of the unexpected compliments he’s received in his role, and the mind-altering comment by a client that was more about what he didn’t do that meant so much to him. He’ll share what led him to pursue property over other investment options, why it pays to listen to your parents, and the importance of clear and concise communication.

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Happy Face
I'd been through the process so many times with clients at that point that I sort of knew what to expect. So, it was very different to someone fresh faced coming to it for the first time. I knew what to expect.
- John Russell

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For any wealth accumulator out there, I think a very good starting point is to invest in property and have that be your leverage point in the market.
- John Russell

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