John Lindeman - Australian Housing Market Expert Predictions And Insights

Australian Housing Market analyst John Lindeman will divulge how through his powers of research and analysis, he became a psychic - the only psychic who can accurately predict the Australian housing market and use it to make his clients’ portfolios increase like magic! 

With many years of experience at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Lindeman formulated his own trend analysis of the housing market, leading to countless purchased properties for clients without a single poor investment. Find out how he found his calling in housing market research and how high cash flow properties outgun high growth properties by the time of retirement.

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Facts About The Australian Property Market With John Lindeman

Australian Housing Market
John Lindeman, the brains behind educational program 7 Steps To Success, will delve deeper into his strategy on looking for good growth potential, reveal his housing market predictions and uncover how you can make your debt earn you money! 

Lindeman will divulge his step by step analysis of Australia’s housing markets and how you can balance your portfolio across them, to ensure it’s safety. You’ll also find out where to buy the most profitable properties based on his expert research on supply and demand and how to determine whether your debt is good… or bad.

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What you've got to be careful of is that yield is not caused by price falls, but it's actually been caused by demand for rental properties.
- John Lindeman

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John Lindeman is widely respected as one of Australia’s leading market analysts. With well over a decade of experience researching the nature and dynamics of various types of assets at major data analysts, John is renowned as the market researcher that other experts go to for all their Australian investment insights.
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And good debt is the sort of debt that gives you a return, which is greater than what it costs for you in interest.
- John Lindeman

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