Lindsay Stewart - US Real Estate Provides Higher Yield

Lindsay Stewart is the founder and global operations manager of Star Dynamic Property Investments. He has been investing in properties in Australia for almost 15 years and moved into the US market 6 years ago. Star Dynamic aims to help their clients settling into the US market and provide expert advices on how to get into the market. 

Join us as we delve into Lindsay Stewart’s journey from his beginnings in rural New South Wales, how his job with Holden helped him realise what his real aspirations were, how he was able to jump into the US market after starting his property investment journey in Australia, the biggest differences he found between the two countries in relation to the property industry and so much more! 

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Lindsay Stewart’s Expert Strategies To Use When Investing In The US Property Market

Founder and global operations manager of Star Dynamic Property Investments, Lindsay Stewart, joins us once again to talk about the most efficient and effective strategies to use if you are investing in properties in the US. 

Come with us as we find out more details on the difficulties that you may encounter when diving into the US property market, how to approach the financial side of investing in the US, what kind of properties that Lindsay Stewart likes to invest in, and enormous expert advices that he received from his mentors and so much more! 

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Everything is definitely not all smooth sailing in property investing. It never is and you've kind of got to prepare for that. 
- Lindsay Stewart

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Interested in starting a property investment overseas, especially in the US? Lindsay Stewart and the Star Dynamic Property Invesments may be able to give you a helping hand! 

Star Dynamic Property Investments is an Aussie company, helping other Aussies get great quality, high cashflowing investments in the US property market.
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I'll build them but I won’t invest in a unit because in a unit you're not getting any land and the appreciation or the growth that we have here in Australia is essentially in the land, the value of the land.
- Lindsay Stewart

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