Kate Browne - How Finder’s Managing Editor Fell In Love With Finance

Kate Browne is the managing editor for Finder, Australia’s largest and most visited finance comparison site. With her Bachelor of Arts in Communication, she was a lifestyle editor and investigative journalist at CHOICE. She has also written for prominent Australian newspapers such as the Sydney Morning Herald, Sun Herald, Sunday Telegraph and the Australian to name a few. 

Tune in to hear how Browne went in and out of university, got fired and found herself following interesting career paths, including the role of managing editor at Finder. In this episode of Property Investory we find out how exactly the successful mother of two works well under pressure, such as being interviewed on the Sunrise morning show or being thrown into the world of finance! 

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The Do’s and Don’t of Investing in Property with Kate Browne

Kate Browne is the managing editor of Finder. Her career paths in journalism ultimately led her to the position at Finder, where her fear of finance soon became an infatuation. She soon came to realise looking at money wasn’t so complex, yet was aware that many banks and financial institutions were making it difficult for many individuals to understand. Finder helps everyday people break these down, these complexities to ultimately assist them in saving money. 

Tune in on this episode to hear how Browne managed to buy her first property when she was in her late twenties, single and still unsure of her career path. We will find out how she adopted strategies to help her succeed in her investing journey, how Finder can make anyone’s life easier and how you can save money by just using a phone app! 

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Kate Browne is Finder's managing editor for Australia. She worked as an investigative journalist and lifestyle editor at CHOICE and has written for publications including the Sydney Morning Herald, Sun Herald, The Age, news.com.au, Sunday Telegraph, The Australian, The Big Issue, Sunday Life, Kidspot and Essential Baby. She co-authored the best-selling non-fiction book The Checkout in 2016. You might also recognise her as one of the writers and presenters of ABC TV's top-rating consumer affairs show The Checkout, which ran from 2013 to 2018. She is a media spokesperson for Finder and regularly appears on Nine, Seven and on the radio. Kate has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University of Technology Sydney.
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 We don't fail a lot, I think because people don't have that fear. People really throw everything at something.
- Kate Browne

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