Harry Charalambous - Manufacture Equity Into $20 Million Portfolio

Director of Plan Assist, Harry Charalambous, has built an impressive commercial property portfolio worth over $20 million. Growing up with business-oriented parents, you’ll will learn how he used his inherited knowledge to create an electrical business that ultimately led him into property; and smart ways to manufacture equity in your portfolio, so that you can succeed too! 

We will follow the natural progression of his career, learn to always be cautious when purchasing property and why investing in commercial property works for him. 

When They Started


Total Property Transactions

$250 million

Main Strategy

Joint Ventures

Invest $900,000 To Generate $1.18 Million

Plan Assist’s Harry Charalambous has developed an effective strategy for manufacturing equity through investing in commercial property. Helping clients via joint ventures and property options, his own portfolio is now worth over $20 million. 

In this episode you’ll discover how you can do the same by outsourcing tasks to other professionals where necessary, how to accelerate your own portfolio when investing in commercial property and how you can learn to negotiate the sales prices of your investments in the car on the way home! 

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Plan Assist Property Team was founded in 2004, with a clear vision and has since grown substantially thanks to our satisfied clients and team work. 

Plan Assist Property Team have assisted, coached and worked with Australian property investors and developers, to improve all areas of their investing.
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Keep it simple, start small without trying to change the world and recreate the wheel with your first transactions.
- Harry Charalambous

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