Walter Nanni - Leverage Equity To Make $8 Million in One Unit Block

Walter Nanni has worked in the real estate industry for over 25 years, and has rightfully earnt himself the title of Sydney’s top buyers agent. Starting with his first property at 20 years old, he helped his parents pay a large proportion of their mortgage, and realised this was only the beginning. He bought a real estate business at 22, grew the Harcourts franchise from 5 offices to 40 within a 5 year period, and now has $6.5 million worth of property in his portfolio. 

Join us on this episode of Property Investory where we delve into Nanni’s real estate career and investing journey, starting with his simple strategy that evolved with the help of a friend. He shares how he made a mistake early on despite having bought in the most stunning beachside location, fun facts about building in Bondi and the Eastern suburbs, and why you shouldn’t let rising Sydney property prices deter you from reaching for your goals! 

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Double Your Property, Double Your Money: Accelerate Your Portfolio

We’re chatting to Real estate agent Walter Nanni, who has devised a clever strategy for purchasing properties as investments. Discover why reality TV shows aren’t truly realistic about entrepreneurship, why flipping properties aren’t his cup of tea and how placing all of his eggs in one basket has actually paid off for him in the long term! 

Check out how you can learn from Nanni’s wide experience, how you can set goals for yourself to grow your property portfolio and how you can buy in Sydney, if you know where to look.

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He said, 'How many properties do you need to own in order for you to have $100,000 worth of income?' And again, I thought, 'I have no idea.' So we started working out of my properties, what they're roughly bringing in per annum. And the answer was $25,000 each. So very quick mathematics I went, 'Well, if I had four of those, that'll give me $100,000 worth of income per annum. 
- Walter Nanni

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If you would like to connect with Walter Nanni and learn more about how you can apply his strategy, you can do so via contacting him on his mobile on 0411 879 434. You can also go to his Facebook page ‘Walter Nanni Sydney’s Top Buyer’s Agent’, his LinkedIn.
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I was disappointed with the outcome after running businesses for 20 years, I didn't think it was gonna provide for me and my family the way that I thought it would for the rest of our lives. And so that's where I really turned to property investing and thought, 'This is the way it's going to be, I've got to really focus on that.
- Walter Nanni

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