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Matt is the founder and Director of Sharp Property Buyers. Raised on the NSW Central Coast, he has been passionate about the property market from a young age. After purchasing his first property ten years ago, Matt has continued to build a robust property portfolio both locally and across Australia. Matt’s experience and local market knowledge sets him apart from the rest, he knows every inch, corner and crevice of the Central Coast. Matt is a proud member of PIPA, and a QPIA. 

In this episode we hear about his passion for the Central Coast and how no matter where he roams, the waves bring him right back home. He shares his idyllic childhood and the NRL dreams he entertained before landing in the corporate world, which opened his eyes to an entirely different way of life. We’ll also hear how rugby league influenced the way he runs his business now, and the family investment he spearheaded from a young age, catapulting him into the career of his dreams. 

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Riding the Central Coast’s Pumping Property Wave With Matt Sharp

We’re back with founder and Director of Sharp Property Buyers, Matt Sharp. In this episode he shares the way COVID-19 has impacted the Central Coast, with its stunning beaches and quaint towns being in such close proximity to Sydney. The area may even gain a certain new resident someday soon! We delve into his plans for the future, property-wise and personally, and find out what’s next for his ever-growing portfolio. You may think he plans on levelling up— and while that’s on the cards, there’s some adventurous downsizing possibilities on the horizon too.

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So we committed to saving, at least, to buy our first house. Now, we did that, something I'm very proud of, and something that really put me in obviously good stead going forward. So we ended up saving for around six or seven years.
- Matt Sharp

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Matt Sharp is the founder and Director of Sharp Property Buyers. Matt holds a Real Estate Licence, he is also a proud member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA) and is recognised as a Qualified Property Investment Adviser® (QPIA). 

Matt’s experience and local market knowledge sets him apart from the rest. He knows every inch, corner and crevice of the Central Coast. In addition to his property expertise, Matt has great relationships with many of the local Sales Agents, Tradespeople and Services. 

Contact Sharp Property Buyers today to find out if Matt and the Sharp Property Buyers team can help you. 
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I'm not saying that you should buy in a coastal suburb, but I just think lifestyle is really important. And I think there's been a huge example of that over the last sort of 12 to 18 months with COVID, or 12 months with COVID, that people are very focused on their lifestyles. Whether it be for a tree change or a sea change, we're just more aware of it.
- Matt Sharp

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