Jeremy Latimore - Home Loan Broker Translated Football Skills Into Wins

Jeremy Latimore is a hardworking family man, dedicated to his wife and two children. In addition to this full time job he is also a mortgage broker, after having spent 11 years playing professional NRL across various clubs. He retired from football in 2019 and turned to his passion for property and mortgage broking. 

Join us as he discusses his two very different careers and how he’s still involved in the NRL despite no longer playing the game itself. He reveals his Steven Bradbury moment and his attempt at a bodyboarding career (these two moments are unrelated), and teaches us to follow our guts when it comes to investing. 

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Main Strategy

Buy, Hold, and Sell

How to Double An Investment of $290,000 In 5 Years

In this episode Jeremy Latimore lets us in on his doctor-backed hacks for relaxing, revealing how he keeps calm and focuses when the world is turning upside down. If that’s not something we all need in these unprecedented times, I don’t know what is! 

We hear his book recommendations and how he organises his days at work, along with his favourite— and least favourite— part about 5 AM. If you struggle with keeping your mind on the task, this is the episode for you! 

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Happy Face
Rugby league, it's hard and strenuous. And it is very physical, but it teaches you so many skills like that, which I'm trying to ingrain into my kids now as well. Even gratitude and being grateful for what you do have.
- Jeremy Latimore

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Happy Face
I've got this job doing mortgage broking, which I love and I'm so passionate about. I've owned a lot of property in my time as well, so it's something I'm really passionate about. I love helping some old teammates buy properties and stuff now, which is really good.
- Jeremy Latimore

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