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Co-founder and buyer's agent at Dash Dot, Glenn McGrath, otherwise known as Goose, is a successful property investor helping Australians learn how to research and invest in property. From a start in organising music events and festivals, he then moved onto the real estate space, inspired by those who had developed passive incomes and achieved financial independence. Despite the environment Glenn McGrath grew up on, where buying property was not encouraged, he has managed to buy two and a half property over a span of 18 months. 

Join us as we chat to Glenn McGrath and discover the lesson he learned about buying off-the-plan apartments, how he devoted himself to studying property research and economics and his three-part strategy that allows for the purchase of property investments safe and risk-averse to any economic climate and much much more! 

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Leveraging Equity Into Another Property With Glenn McGrath

We're back with co-founder and buyer's agent at Dash Dot Glenn McGrath for another episode of Property Investory, where we delve more deeply into his three-part investing strategy which requires cash flow, capital growth and the ability to offset any economic downturn or decline, the importance of structuring your portfolio with a plan in mind and McGrath's focus on getting the right assets through research and analysis rather than concentrating on location. 

Join us as we learn about how Glenn McGrath bought two and a half properties in under 12 months, his strategy of leveraging equity out of one investment into another property, the habits he has cultivated to propel him towards success and much much more! 

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People want freedom. They want significance and they want transformation.
- Glen McGrath

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At Dashdot – property buyers agents, we have a mission to help everyday Australians achieve financial independence and to build generational wealth, through the vehicle of real estate investment. Our core values center around honesty, transparency, and integrity – and we are committed to ensuring your best interests are put first.
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You want to look at where you want to be spiritually, physically, and emotionally in ten years time and then remember that the real estate is just a vehicle. 
- Glen McGrath

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