Chris Bates - Managing Wealth With The Value of Real-life Experiences

Chris Bates is the founder of a mortgage brokerage, Wealthful. Originally from Melbourne, Bates has lived what he describes as a ‘nomad’ life. At a young age, he and his family moved to Newcastle for a job opportunity. From there, he attended university in Sydney but after deciding that further study was not for him, he picked up his life and went to London before eventually settling again in Australia. 

In this episode, Bates will share the travelling stories that shaped his worldview, including exploring the beauty of countries such as India and Egypt. As well as this, learn how to find success without a university degree, and a common investing mistake involving supply and demand issues. 

When They Started


Long-Term Goal

Pass on ‘True Wealth’

Main Strategy

Quality over Quantity

Invest in Your Future Self with Chris Bates

We are back with the founder of Wealthful, Chris Bates. With his own personal property portfolio and a booming business, Bates has a lot of wisdom that he will pass on in this episode. He will detail the dangers of hot spotting and why his strategy focuses on the long term. As well as this, hear about the value of believing in yourself and the resource that kicked off Bates’s own property investment journey!

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"[I] was never a typical sort of, you know, straight-A student [that was] just loving studying. I wanted that real-life world experience."
- Chris Bates

Want to contact Chris Bates?

If you would like to contact Chris Bates and learn more about finding true wealth, you can do so via his website Wealthful. Alternatively, you can connect with him on LinkedIn under the name ‘Chris Bates’, or if you would simply like to listen to some of his advice, you can listen to an episode of his podcast The Elephant in the Room.
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“[Travel] makes you a lot more grounded and you understand what really matters in life a lot more after visiting these places.”
- Chris Bates

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