Siva Raj - Escape to Sydney and Rise to Subdivision Superstardom

About 30 years ago, Siva Raj and his family fled their war-torn country of Sri Lanka with only the things they could carry. This experience made him determined to succeed in life and investing in property has paved that journey. He started investing in property as a hobby while he was still in university. This hobby quickly turned into the profession of property development and investment. 

In this episode, Raj shares the challenges he went through adapting to life in Australia, and how they only added to his resilience and drive to succeed. We’ll hear about the first property he scrambled to purchase and what he needed to give up to do so. While it was something the average university student may not be able to give up, Raj’s past experiences meant he would have done it 10 times over to thank his parents for all they sacrificed. While it certainly wasn’t an easy journey, it led him to reap the many rewards he enjoys today. 

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How Siva Raj Conquered Challenge After Challenge to Come Out on Top

We’re back with Mantra Wealth’s Siva Raj. In this episode we delve into the nuts and bolts of his property investment strategy, which he has tweaked over the years to become the vehicle of his success today. From jumping head first onto sloping blocks to recirculating equity and all the pieces in between, he’s been through it all and emerged triumphantly on the other side. We’ll also hear his answer to the classic conundrum: What do I do with all of these properties?!

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You've got to always think about different ideas, and how you can actually leverage those ideas. So from that point onwards, I think that was a key thing. Mind shift was the key thing.
- Siva Raj

Want to contact Siva Raj?

At Mantra Property Group, Siva Raj focuses on properties that can be developed to provide his clients with solid wealth creation strategies and implements exit strategies to minimise risk associated with the investment. 

The properties he seeks out have development potential and demonstrate a clear pathway for manufacturing wealth through both short term redevelopment, rental income and then longer term equity growth. He creates personalised strategies based on each client’s requirements while incorporating new ideas for faster success. 

You can also contact him via email or LinkedIn. 
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When he said 'subdivision,' I was like, 'What is this subdivision?' So he actually explained to me what I could do. And then I was very excited. I just didn't think too much, I pretty much jumped into it.
- Siva Raj

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