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Sanjeev Sah is a property buyer’s agent and founder of Investor’s Dream. He helps clients buy the best property for them whilst also working hard to negotiate the best deal possible. It has been a long journey for him to get to where he is today, from traveling all the way from India and educating himself on the best strategies and how to employ them in the property world. 

Come with us as we discuss his background from starting in India and making his way to Australia, deciding to change his career from being an engineer to getting into the property industry, how his property investing journey began, hear some amazing stories about his first property deals, what he had to do to learn about property and who he learnt from and much much more! 

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How Investing In Yourself And Education Can Help Build A Successful Property Portfolio With Sanjeev Sah

And we're back with Sanjeev Sah, property buyer’s agent and founder of Investor’s Dream. We are continuing our discussion with Sah and we delve into how he was able to learn from some of the great minds within the property industry. Without any previous experience he worked hard and invested in educating himself to become the best possible investor that he could be. 

Join us as we find out about some of his best property deals, we learn about his worst investing moments and how that helped him in the long run, how building rapport and trust with your colleagues can be extremely beneficial in finding the best deals, when he knew that he was starting to build a successful property portfolio, how he started his investing company, and much much more! 

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You buy a property and apply multiple strategies so that you have less risk.
- Sanjeev Sah

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You can contact Sanjeev Sah via his Investor’s Dream website, Facebook, LinkedIn, or give him a call on 0413543734.
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Before you invest in anything like property or business, get educated and find mentors, because that really helped me.
- Sanjeev Sah

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