Premek Borek - A House Renovation That Made $100,000 In 5 Weeks

Premek Borek is a mechanical engineer and is now switching gears towards property. Borek grew up in Poland and assisted his father on weekends on his civil engineering jobs, which led Borek to move 100km from home to study mechanical engineering at university. He used these skills working in hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, and then moved to Ireland and London before settling in Australia. 

Join us as we discuss his childhood and tailored education and how that led him to sunny Brisbane. We’ll take an auditory trip to Poland as Borek describes his upbringing in a 16th century tourist town, and we make a stopover in London where he takes us through the dilapidated house he rented and transformed, setting him on his path to property investing. We’ll also hear about the beginnings of his journey in Brisbane and the property that, along with some clever negotiations, completely changed his mindset amidst a growing pandemic. 

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Short-Term Goals

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Main Goal

Financial Freedom

Premek Borek’s Secret to Success: Psychological Power

We’re back with mechanical engineer Premek Borek. After stopping in Australia for a holiday 14 years ago, he’s settled down in Brisbane and has started to take the property world by storm. 

In this episode of Property Investory, he shares with us the tips and tricks he has up his sleeve for negotiating with people, whether it’s for property, a car, or anything else you could ever want! He also shares his future financial goals that his father made him realise and how he’s planned to achieve it within 14 years, and how to train your mind to not look for excuses 

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It was probably just me always looking for ways to improve things. And that could be me being an engineer, we always try to solve problems.
- Premek Borek

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Premek Borek is happy for you to give him a call or send him an email regarding your property enquiries. Contact him on 0447 388 146 or email him.
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When it's challenging, time to be patient. I think that's my advice.
- Premek Borek

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