Peter Koulizos - Using Property Valuation and Economic Principles To Profit

Lifelong educator and property developer Peter Koulizos joins us on this episode of Property Investory. Koulizos guides us through the diverse experiences of his investment journey and how his decisions have been shaped by his love of learning. 

A specialist in property valuation and program director for the University of Adelaide’s Master of Property, not only is Koulizos versed in theory, he also has experienced the realities and challenges of the everyday property investor. Learn how Peter has succeeded and grown in confidence over his property investment journey and how you can too.   

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​​Taking Confidence From A COVID Crisis

The conversation continues with property lecturer and development guru Peter Koulizos on this episode of Property Investory. Riding the rollercoaster of COVID like the rest of us, Koulizos provides insight into capitalising from a surging property market regardless of your situation. 

He predicts what the next two years will look like based on economic principles and outlines how these basic principles stand the test of time. Koulizos shares the most overlooked development strategies for beginner investors as well as some family wisdom on investing in home improvement. Learn how Peter has grown since taking his first leap of faith into property and why you should too!

Join us on this insightful episode of Property Investory. 

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You can change many, many other things, you can, you know, make the house bigger, make the house smaller, knock down the house, you can make the block bigger by buying next door, you can make the block smaller by subdividing. But the one thing you cannot change is where it is.
- Peter Koulizos

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Peter Koulizos Property Consulting has developed because Peter has seen the need for people to be able to obtain trusted and independent advice when purchasing investment property or developing property. Peter offers a number of services so that you can make educated and informed decisions before you buy/develop property. Contact Peter today and start your property journey. 
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We've generally done stuff on our own because when there's enough risk in investing anyway. When you invest with other people, then you introduce business risk.
- Peter Koulizos

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