Darren Flynn - How Civil Engineer Developed Property Travelling The World

Darren Flynn is a chartered civil engineer, property investor, traveller, and devoted dad. Flynn spent several years in Vietnam after university, working on projects, meeting new people, and learning about himself and about property. These days, he sees signs to buy property and follows his gut to do so, with the hope of leaving a lasting legacy for his family. 

Join us as we discuss how his time in Vietnam changed him as a person, both professionally and personally. We’ll delve into the generosity he encountered while there and how that time— plus a sneaky deal he snared on a share house— led him to property, explore his temporary career where he broke down the cost of university per minute, and so much more! 

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Darren Flynn on Hindsight, Frugality, and Going With Your Gut

We’re back with chartered civil engineer Darren Flynn. In this episode, he shares with us how his background in water and engineering landed him a deal on a property that scared the other investors and buyers off! 

He delves into how both his background and his connections with others enabled him to snatch up such a fabulous investment, displaying how important it is to have relationships with others in the property investing business. In addition, he dishes out some invaluable advice he’s been given and has given to others that has helped him to achieve his goals. He also divulges on the legacy he plans to leave for his children, how that influences the types of investments he purchases, and how important family is to him. 

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A lot of these things come down to time. And being a father of three working a full time job, and everything else with life, I always find the best investments are the ones that need minimal attention, or are automated, or just run by themselves. 
- Darren Flynn

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When I can go look at something, I don't have to engage a number of professionals because you've been around the block so much that you can see what those risks are and actually quantify them. 
- Darren Flynn

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