Cam  Mclellan - Money Smarts To Build A $2.5 Million Property Portfolio

We’re chatting to Cam McLellan, director of OpenCorp Australia and author of My Four Year Old The Property Investor. You’ll find out how he grew his business and his portfolio and how skipping smashed avocados and lattes in favour of growing his portfolio paid off. You’ll discover how McLellan built the lifestyle he wanted for himself when he was young for his own kids, why he prefers to invest in residential property and how a missed investment opportunity turned into a Hollywood film. 

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Main Strategy

Positive Cash Flow

No Work And Double Your Investments with Cam McLellan

Director of OpenCorp Cam McLellan will discuss the nuts and bolts of his strategy and why you should be greedy and expect both positive cash flow and capital growth to impact your portfolio. 

Check out what Steve McKnight and Jan Somers taught McLellan, why finding a successful property investor in Australia is like wading through a packed MCG and which properties to look for when making your next investment. 

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Cam McLellan
You're still getting the growth, but you're getting cash flow positive as well. So people should be greedy and they should expect both, so don't buy one property over the other.
- Cam McLellan

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OpenCorp is an accomplished team of property-obsessed developers, investment buffs, market analysts and finance professionals. Down-to-earth and committed, we care about growing strong, lasting relationships with our customers. Our number one purpose? Empowering you to personally build your own successful investment portfolio. 
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Cam McLellan
Most people will need to analyse things and perhaps get analysis paralysis, or they're fearful - I realised that my greatest fear was doing nothing at all.
- Cam McLellan

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