Growth Mindset Monday

Discover from Jill McIntyre how she creates and managed her growth mindset Monday that will shape your views and ideas in life.

The majority of your clients, when starting out with you, what would be the biggest stopper for most of them around wanting to grow in property?

On the biggest stuff. It's nice to my parts would be I haven't got the money. And if you're in that thinking you will never move forward with prophecy. I'm a great one for leveraging the strengths and the work of other people and there's family-wise. When I turned into property I certainly didn't have any money and even today I leverage my strengths. I'm done putting money in many of the deals. So this is where money is a stopper for you. Start to think about how you could reverse that. And there's many, many ways you can bring in joint venture partners and instantly if you're in a negative thinking, your mind will be coming up and saying, but how do I know I can trust that person? So I will be giving you tips to machines and things like that as we move forward with this growth mindset Mondays that will help you along the way on how to chart choose the right person for lack of money.

You can do a joint venture with the existing or enough, you can be many, many ways of which you can do it at all is a stepped busted stage where you are building in confidence to do it. The second thought, the tarragon would be um, I don't have enough, no hair. And so what so many people go and do is do other property costs and another property court. And if you could add up over the years how much money you've spent in property courses or something related, it would be a normal we made to stop spending more money on no hat and pull our sleeves up and actually go to open houses, start to be focusing on an area, start to have a planning of attacking in mind and to move forward and dish. I can't stress enough because everything is a theory that you are reading or listening to in those of Institchu attend. Everything that you do when you actually make a deal is an extra action.

We all do it when we don't have confidence. You know, we pulled back on me hesitate. The third thing that's a stopper is I don't have the time. If you really want to succeed in property and you see that it's a vehicle for your success, to me forward, start to light the fire in your belly. Start to work on, I can do this. It doesn't all happen in five minutes, but little by little, if you making roads and you get the right training and support around you, it'll happen all right. New phone time that you never thought you hired because it excites you to move forward. But the biggest of all of these doctors is a money show. If you're listening to tradition, it's a lack of money. It's time that you might want to do something about it because there is a number of ways that we can move forward. Why? Because I've done it.

When we have a problem or ‘stopper’ as you call it, how proactive are we in finding a solution?

We're usually not very proactive at all. We usually work on the problem, we manifest more of the problem and what starts off with a pinprick just absolutely explodes to something that we can't get over. It follows coming back to, I haven't got time. I haven't got enough. No Knowledge. I haven't got enough money. They're all stuff. It's, have you ever thought about how you can find a solution that's going to come up with an answer? I love. I'm Albert Einstein's quote and it goes something like if I had an hour to solve a problem, I'd spend the first 55 minutes on the problem for once I found a solution. It would only take me five minutes to move forward for when you are listening to this point that we're just making here. Stop and think when you move on with the rest of your guys hungry you at moving forward and finding the solution out of every negative this you've got to find a positive.

It's got to be away and it's moving once again out of your own comfort zone. It's just a mindset shift on talking about and there's always away. So I moved forward with it. If you need help, more often than not, you've been accumulating negative thinkings and patterns we all do from birth. And it might start from being bullied in the playground, for example. And that feeling and emotion keeps on coming up when you remove forward on a rejection fabric samples. So I can't hike a lot caught, move forward with an agent where I've got to put in a Rudi 20% under offer into a property because you might laugh at me and we stopped before we start. Sorry for should find the solution to that. And last that at the agent, and it might sound funny, but the more that you can empower your thinking to move past what's been stopping you, you feel an energy and excitement that you've never enjoyed before her type that with you today.

You’ve shared some fear stats with me before that I think are so relevant in our thinking when wanting to make positive choices around the property.   Can you explain more?

Absolutely. And I call a battery go and asking, thinking I do a lot of 80 shore's work and for anyone that wants to follow Andy Schor surname is if I try w [inaudible] English God and how your wife talks about the little voice in our head that stops us and it ferries going. And I don't think that on the person never thought somebody, oh, hope though wasn't because the locations of all of that have stopped me in the past. But the more I started to think about it is insert comes in and tells me I can't do something when I want to do it. And usually, that can't mode will stop me from moving forward. And if you're going in and you were wanting to move forward and property, whereas thinking is that if you're wanting to find a deal and you've got a deal that you think stuck, so 40% of your fears will be things in the future.

I can't get into that. I do the boring, I might lose my job. So that would stop you in your tracks. Then mindset goes to 30% of their fee is would be things from the past when I've done a property deal on the past and it went screw with and I lost a lot of money and man amount od on, otherwise I've got to go over. And so the feeling keeps on coming up more and more and more and that fear stops us in our tracks. So before we move forward, we've got 40% of our fees are in the future. 30% of our fees are in the past. Certainly for a sheet of what stops us things could happen and things will have happened that we can't try. And staff keeping ongoing with our fears in the overall to train teachers have them 12% of our seniors on health and wellbeing. And I always laugh about this time because I can say that I've got a sore toe today and I get onto Mr. Google and after half an hour I'll go up there and grown in the turn. It needs to be amputated to dash.

Yes, Google is fabulous, don't get me wrong, but we overthink things and the little voice in our head keeps on telling us was worse than what it really is more often than not. Then we move on that the next 10% of our fees and miscellaneous and the last 8% of our CEOs are really the tuition for. And so you're stopping to think here that 92% of the fears after you sort of, where am I looking up? So it was nice too, from an off that reminding isis faint, only 4% of those legitimate fears we can change. And that's a pretty mindboggling thing because we spend so much of that time and thinking and spice in a feed yard. Does that make sense? Different? I'm trying the car.

I'm a very, very easy solution to get over your fears and to stop that little voice in your head and it's for you to turn your thinking. Stop and just put yourself into a space that I'm not going to think about in the future. The past. Right now I'm focusing on the now. If you focus on the now, you won't be worrying about all of the fears. What if? What could the war have? All of those aren't, sorry, think about the [inaudible] the now because the more that you can raise your consciousness in there, the greater the outcomes go to big for you next time. Enjoy.

You are a strong advocate for building and maintaining a strong team around you in property.  Do you feel that many of your clients when starting off with you don’t do this?

Absolutely. No. And when I also started working many years ago now, about 11 years ago with that giant that I think many of you will know from vision, topping it with some groups and probably wearing shop and Matt is one of those people, I'm sure he won't mind me using this example of a person that's a good all around us and that can do everything. Got a renovation. The electrical workers will leave to the spotty, but I think you'd probably have a devil late clothes and then you go time and they'd work on the website and work on starting up each networking group and all of the things that he was doing and spreading himself too thin. Right? We're only good at 5% of what we do, the obnoxious five. The sooner we need to leave it to other pencils and better suited doing what ava tasks we're doing and what we are.

Stop and think that could do all of those jobs for example. But some of them were taking far longer and I know for myself, I know that could be in envelope sees dies, but sitting down and doing full feasibility absolutely bores me. Just snores. So, my property joint venture partner, he is excellent at the back end. Stuff like that. Yes, I can read them, I can understand what goes into them, but my time is better spent at the things that I'm really in my side percent phone with first stop and think what we're all called out because we need to be monetizing and maximizing that 5% so that you can then that's your specialty area. If it's negotiating, if it's fine and deals, work on that phone, get someone else on your team that can do things that you don't like. But could they, something that you should put to the bottom of the pile at the end of the week, because you don't want to do it on Monday, and you're your own product. And if that's hampering you and slowing you down, do something for [inaudible] across the street and get someone to help you with it up until next time. Enjoy. That one's loose.

How important is it when staring with a new client, for you to identify their strengths and weaknesses?  Would you think it’s fair to say that the majority of the population play to their weaknesses and not their strength’s?  Would I be right here?

Absolutely. We all do it. We're all human, so don't beat yourself up about this one. But what we do, we honing on what we're not good at and the manifest the fingers and his patients and things about those weaknesses and we checked the grant is the things that we're good at. And so we've glossed over those sorts of things and advise and starting out with a client and also with what your strengths and if I don't know much about me and how much I'll work on personality profiles and watch this 5% of where you are good, the expertise or where your good coming into a deal, when I'm starting off with them, I'll say, well what would your strengths very. And that's fine. When I'm a lovely person are on a happy person that in property it's lovely to hear all those things but they're in poverty is I'm a big coaster.

So that automatically would be, will you be good at doing the numbers? And I'm vain going on straight up. How, what are you doing research and what flows on from there. Do you feel confident asking people for money? And most of the new fellow good on the numbers. I'd say no, I wouldn't be good on asking people for money because a lot of what you're doing on a daily basis comes in to a party foul talk of which you are, what you've got to acknowledge and know what your profile is and then get someone that is another profile type. Like my joint venture partner, it is a very different person. I'll talk to me. These are quiet backend, a methodical person that loves during the numbers on the front in the bouncy one that loves to get money. Partners on board, look for deals get people together in group type situation.

So what I want you to do is to start to think, what strengths could you bring to the title if you were doing a property deal, and I'm talking about this later on to opening up to joint venture partnerships. If you're asking where do I find those people who would be interested because my family and my friends don't, and don't talk property, stop going to networking groups. Start going on to environments where the property framework and then started the moving through. How confident are you in picking a person that you feel that'd be a good match for you? So at least she's been at 81 initiative. Just the tip of the iceberg because I found to move forward. I'll be talking more about [inaudible] and Carly falling and it all comes in to maximizing your strengths and leading your weaknesses to others.

There’s a statement that I’ve heard you say that hit a chord with me at the time. It has a powerful message and I think a lot of listeners will be able to relate to it.  ‘There’s no such thing as victims, only volunteers’ Why is this statement so relevant in property growth & yes life?

I heard that many, many years ago now I'd much Shango course, my husband died when I was 39. I've had two young children and lived for the next 10 years without any hesitation was pretty full-on in a pretty hardwired. And I had a friend come to style and she was in personal development mindset and she said to me after going to a workshop that day I've heard an awesome statement and if there's no such thing as wisdom's on involuntary yes. And that was the starting point of knees turning round of many years of hardship and negativity and just survival into turning it into a positive outcome. And this is once again, not an easy shift and move it over. Farm will you have years and years of building into that headache stuff into a positive thing. And so with that, I'll bring it in today.

There's no such thing as systems on involuntary years. If I can't do something, regardless of whether it's improperly or whatever. Am I saying I'm the victim? He wants to hide. All of the excuses are coming in, get out of it and move over and shift it. If you're signing the victim absolutely married to my work and I've got to do it. And if I don't go on work quarter-hour days and I'm going to lose my job and after my neck with commitments, this is where you've got to turn that around and bring in another thinking.

That's your job, that's where you are. But nothing's going to change unless you can change your thinking. All my mistakes as all things that we've done in our paths along the way that can stop us. And I've talked previously about the goals of fields that come in women moving forward and our paths would vary.

I've made and my stripe so her, I couldn't get into another property deal. It was a big mistake. It cost me a lot of money. I'm still paying for it and probably I'll cope be paying for it for the next 10 years plus the first that all my family thinks I'm on our dogs were property is concerned or my partner won't let me do it. The more that you can think that it was on a stove and a nightmare, the more it's going to pull you down. We've all hose things in properties as we move forward that have been good learning curve towards as I sit up if we've done something wrong or if a deal has gone for look and channel and after it's finished and completed and sorry, what did I learn from that experience? How can I bring it in to help and support me never to do it again?

And how can I support others along the ride? I also have a saying and that I don't make mistakes these days and property, big growth spurts because once again with growth spurt all look on it of right. Where's my next stepping stone going to be with my next stepping stone going to do? If I look at it as a failure, it's going to pull me back. I don't know which one are I I want to go with. So once again, if you've got any victim taught seeking, I you volunteering for that and I'm manifesting it, or do you need to get out of that thinking and say, properties remain at and move forward here I can start to build my train at dark. No way to start to build my train. You've got people around you that are listening to tolerance, podcasts you've got made at, you can email me too and start things, emotions going to start to be opening up to the politics of possibilities of what could do rather than what is and what can't they. So I'm going to leave that thought with each of you to think over and enjoy the journey because that's just as good as what the end rewards are.

You talk about having a ‘why’ factor and of its importance when wanting to grow and succeed in property.  Can you share some insight here?

A lot of people don't know what, what the factory is. A why factor is I'm looking for all of my, all of my years of hardship. They had to be a push and a reason why I wanted to keep on moving forward and competence. I had money started off where everyone else right at the bottom. I've got a hearing problem. And so that was another handicap. If I allowed it to be a handicap I would say a negativity that pulled me back. So I just have to find other ways to here. And when I started to grow in property and move forward and properties, my wife sector became very, very important tonight. And in fact that was factor all of those years ago after my husband died and I'm wanting to make more money and helping and supporting my children in there goes, my wife has to then it's still my wife has to design the anything is it's grown and it puts a smile on my face today about never going back to where I was.

All of that period of time when it was had. I can't emphasize enough that your wife has to, has to be something that's going to keep you on track. We all know that life gets in the way. We might have someone that we might go away on a holiday or you know the quantity, all extenuating circumstances as to why we lose remain to them. What's going to bring you back on track with your property got and think about that each your wise that it's going to be something that's going to be keeping you focused and for me I put an ever going back to where I'm at and the desire and the fire in the belly that grew with us never ever need to get off track for too long because I would call me back. So do you have a why factor in property and often I had a client last night and she heard me on a podcast last week?

Ellen, I'll wave an out because the Webinar last weight and so her triggering to come back and get in touch and get back into the property was triggered by that by hearing me and make an appointment with me. The thing here that was an external thing in March, he Tyrons podcasts and someones really hit kind of code that he interviewed. You interviewed and you decide a year so I'd like to go and do that. That's an external thing for me or internal thinking is where your wife factor, it has to be in the build that something else doesn't trigger it off. That you've, that you strongly believe in. Why you're moving forward and property, why you'd want to put some time into poverty. Why do you need to get out of your comfort sign and why you need to take action. Think about what you, why factories and easily think internal for you or I knew needing continual prompting from external things that you hear or read or listen to. So take that thought with you and enjoy the journey again.

You are a strong advocate for doing our Goals & affirmations!  Can you share more here?

Everyone knows that. We brought them a new set and forget them. You follow up on them weekly. Some people have written their goals come back five years later, I'm, wow. Can't believe the platen gees. I liked that way of thinking and you can do it. But I love to be more proactive with the goals and in this is only my interpretation, but my goals are things that I would fit. So at the end of each year into a new year and beyond short term meeting goals, long term goals when I come back with my affirmations, and this is my interpretation, my affirmations, I do it at the same time every month. And it's what happening, what is happening in one month for the next month. Just focusing in that four week period. And so I write on a minimum of 10 of them every month. And there's always, if you're wondering, can you fit goals?

Because a lot of people for many years, I was in a stage of, well no man's land where I couldn't project along the unsure that in Gemara because life was pretty hard and when I went to a workshop and someone stood up the front one of the presenters and he said, I'm going to waste my boy magic wand and write down your number one goal. And they at that time was feeling very in secure Lectin, self esteem didn't have a trust record would certainly getting up and supporting and helping other people. I wrote something down that I didn't relate to because I thought he'll probably ask us to share them with the person next door. It wasn't to the two or three or four years. Later on I read a short article on goal setting and for those of you whose car and identify and really relate to your goals, what I'm going to suggest here is Scott Hall and every day large and minimum of turn goals every day you should to task and then you make sure you don't go to bed until those twin goals and dumb.

What's your not allowed to do is look back on the day before and to keep on going on, on, on, on and on. And you'll goals, some of them will be repetitive and some of them will be starting off. You might be saying, I'm looking for cracker one into two subdivision, but the next a week later you might be looking and sign, I'm looking for a crack or wanting to do subdivisions. That's an 850 square meter block north facing that got to straight actors. And so then as you move forward day by day, never looking back, you expanding your thinking on that particular goal. Articles, she might've me brought one, but it was a good way to get me into how to start to write goals and feel that I could relate to them. It took me three and a half weeks of doing them every guy till on you that I had repetition and what it started off with something very, very small was the website at that stage.

By the time I got to the end, it's my old rape side of rain down up. Same thing. But I had a very firm mind's eye about what was going to be on that website, how it will look, and the presentation of it. So if you're having trouble writing goals, start to be doing it, that by estimations thing, follow-through, just focusing on your month moving forward. But I find that that's a fabulous way to go and get a journal and write them in your journal. They're good benchmark things you look back every month when I'm Raj from them, I look back and last my mum fascinations and I pick off where I am with each specific point that I've made and it gets me until the following month of what all want to, we can choose. So enjoy that one.

You’ve got some strict guidelines on ‘How to write goals’!  Can you share more?

I laugh at this one because I've had certain frame goals that are the greatest to-do list. You've as a frame and gold your to-do list and we've gotta be very sure we defined the two of them when you're writing goals and keeping in mind the fears of the stats all the paths or holds us back and our future thinking that holds us back and what overcomes that is to write in the mouth. So your goals always have to be in an hour. In the current spice, you're also having to bring feelings and emotions into your goals. For those who are very analytical thinkers, you wouldn't be used to being a, or talking of feelings, but you can relate. Every one of us can relate to a feeling. It's a sad feeling, a happy feeling, a joyous feeling, feeling guilty feeling. The more that you can bring up excitement through feeling, the more that you're going to embrace your goal and feel that it's going to be yours.

Okay? You must be very specific about what you're asking for. If I said my goal is to find a Krokodil that's not specific enough. You've got the bills down further and more specific and the more colorful you can be about that goal, the more that your subconscious is going to grab onto it and know that it's a fact. Even though your right, I get an anticipation of it happening in an hour. So a good, quite a ride in the now is to always start off with our has or and before moving forward, I want to give you an example because the best way to share this with you is to give you an example of how I would radical. And if you can't feel it or believe that goal, you need to do more work on you or you need to keep on writing so that you can identify with the not enough explanation that you feel it. Shores. Sorry. Can I share a goal here with everyone? Tyrone was back to all that.

Always put a year in the goal that you're doing. And that's the 31st of December and then put your, you're wearing it whenever do and well, I can't get the grin off my face. We can go up to another 15,000 plus in my bank this morning from a Jv by Renato wanting to subdivisions fill deal. So we're new judge with me. Finding money partners for the deal was easier than imagined and I'm loving my new found confidence that comes with being an area expert and an awesome deal spotter. First, stop and think about that as you're going through in and out. It's the 31st of the same band and a year and well I can't get the grin off my face that my feelings and emotions coming up. It's going there that are making 50 grand plus. So you could put 50 grand or more or 50 grand slots, but don't put the lead by just 50 grand on the top of what you're writing.

You want to expand it and where is it? It's in your bank account. I have opened it up and wow, I can see it. They know I'm dialing in. I'm doing a joint venture deal, it's going to be a by a reno. You could put a cosmetic reno in there. If you want us to. I'm doing a simple one into two subdivision, then I'm going to seal the deal. And how do I feel in a job also, what's my part? I haven't figured out what my part is, but my is finding connected money partners for the deal was easy than imagined and I'm loving my new found confidence. So that reinforces how I'm feeling with moving forward. It also identifies that I'm the expert in the deal and I'll also get finding, finding deals that stack up with profitable outcomes on them. So that covers up being in the now the feelings, things specific and Beta the I have a right and, and do I believe it?

That's powerful that if you are, I'm a personality that is very colorful in how I feel and I like space and tactile. If you're not that sort of person, you will find these feelings hard to come by ferry stop the big date that they then start getting data because the more that you can feel the goal, the more that you're going to embrace it and take it on board and it's not a bad idea. If you've got a goal like that printed out.

Recently you’ve talked about how to write your goals and intentions.  What do you do with then once written as I know you talk about strategies and follow through?

how often when a new client comes to me the, they will send the intention through to me and I've seen ones that are the greatest to-do list that was ever written. Your goals or your intentions are not your to do list. And what I do with my intentions on then yes I've written them for the next month or your goals market short, medium or long term. But from those interactions or those goals, I think just cistern and I'll work on the strategies that I need to implement that are going to help and support the positive outcome or Beta that I've written that goal or intention. So, so for example, my goal might do that's a, I'm doing a one in a joint thing, shop wanting to, to a simple cosmetic the innovation on the house and I'm going to do a one into two subdivision.

Much traction would vary. And following on from that strategy is very much on delivering money partners, building tribal relationships, building relationships with agents to find out what are needed to fit fixation fittings to fit into the market place that's going to be there. So it's certainly then from that strategy and those strategies of my main if it is I been follow on and I don't call it my to-do list, I call it my master list. If things are on our to-do list, are they important to you? How often do you leave those things that are on your to-do list and don't do them or you put them off? So I'll try and show header to the master list and if there's a master list, they should be a timeline that you've got against that. So if you're writing that you need to make contact with an agent, you need to follow through with that agent.

Do you need to free what is context? What are connections are, how would we would go about marketing your property if you were selling it by example? You need to follow through on all of that. But the time frame when you're going to ring in, what's the outcome, what's the next step is? And every week I would suggest that fine on a Monday night or early on at six o'clock when you get up early at five 30 or something on a Monday morning, right short, weekly planet in so that you know, day by day by day do you have to achieve to move forward and property. And that is your masters each day. That will then, certainly at the end of the week, you'll have a lot more that you will have achieved. And if you haven't written anything down, so moving forward, your strategies are so important. But follow on from your goals and intentions. Then you must do follows on from your strategies. And then Josh, what's the action that happen when you follow through and enjoy it?

Why is it so important to define a specific strategy in property, when first starting off?

Once again I'm smiling and this one Tyler, I'm, because when I first, initially we'll talk to people and they're not be ringing me up or I meet them at a meet up group or something and I'd say to them what your property strategy and that's how anything gets chilly. And I'd say, and where are you looking for a property?

When I first, initially talk to people and they're not be ringing me up or I meet them at a meetup group or something and I'd say to them what your property strategy and that's how anything gets chilly. And I'd say, and where are you looking for a property?

And I could say to me anyway and everywhere, then my money would be on the, in 12 months time I wouldn't have a profit in view because they're spreading themselves too thin. Like a very specific, once again about what your strategy is that you're doing and if you're starting out in property, make your strategy small, make it something that you feel confident and capable of following through and year for. A lot of it might be unknown. And for example, I had a client last night and she was wanting to do subdivisions and she said, I know nothing about us. I said, but you're building in the network and you've got me around you. And just support you in this painful like town planners or surveyors that can help you there. So staff to be refining what your strategy is. Don't start off and do a one in Dwight subdivision. Dot. Draw one in theaters subdivision. If you're doing your renovation, are you wanting a quick fix monitored either d or the maximum chance money, make it a cosmetic renovation? Levin structural start to be thinking about where your strengths are to come into that deal, what you can contribute and needing the deal to make it happen.

So refining your strategy is very, very important to make it manageable and yes, getting out of your comfort zones but then putting you in house kind of work. So coming back to, I'm looking here every relish, my second point and everywhere. If you add going to know specifically what's happening in an area about an area, what's the guys on the market? All of the indicators. There's so many of them. Is the market going up and down? Who is my market that's going to be buying my property? What large developments are going to be coming into the property? That's going to increase the demographics from the population. So many things there. You can't find if you've got turn suburb she looking at you can't find enough to channel or don't have the man hours to do it. To find all of this about 10 sites initiative, doing it full time with very little else and focus focused on one area at a time, one or two areas.

I would suggest one on finding out all the specifics and then knowing that together with your strategy so that if a property comes onto the market straight away through confidence and know you know what the land value of that property new property would be. You know that it's a relatively new house or you know that it's a dump. You know that what would be worth the money on the market at the moment because she'll eat it every day. You're going to wait for the Hodges, you're talking July age and she'll build in your support system and your four to make sure when you're moving into the property and growing in poverty, you know your strategies and you know you'll area that your focus is gone. And if we'll all be worthwhile to put the effort in to do it. All the smarts and mark had work time, but it's not because the more that you used can get in and start talking very, very quickly, you will become more proficient at doing this and surprise yourself. Have quickly you can eliminate the goods from the bads and an area that's going to work for you and figure into your projects.

I know you do a lot with personality profiling with each of your clients and in life. Can you share more on how you bring it into choosing the right J/V partner for a property deal?

I do quite a bit of presenting personally profiling. I thought at first and with every one of us, we fit into a profile car or combination of profile part. If I was to say someone like Donald Trump, you could imagine the protocol taught the three fits into, if I mentioned mother Theresa, you would note that she would be in a very different profile talk and the true, very, very strange. But how many times have you heard of deals going belly up because of the partnership? Wasn't a marriage made in heaven between the two people that when you, the deal,

It's personally profile. It's a simple questionnaire that I do with each of my cars from anyone, a conduit. I offer that as part of one of our packages that are due and it identifies you as to what your strengths and weaknesses are either. Last you until she who be good to work with. How you could relate to other personality types. If you're a person who is very methodical and works through things just to mash it plays. If you were with someone that was with Richard Branson blessing Charles who runs by the seat of each parent some time and goes very, very quickly and come by airline Calkins with no money down, which often gets fabulous and he was doing, if you're a backing person who needs time to 50, putting the two of you together, you'd be out of your comfort zone. So it's so, so important that you identify what percentage other chart you work with and what your joint venture partner or partners, what they're taught far.

I've got a, I'm at going these days, which is a long way we can try and personality types or desire or necessity. And with changing back many years ago, I wouldn't have been doing what I'm doing these days with a cause or presenting or helping and supporting others as I do. It came as a gradual fire in my belly and a strong desire to help others. In the growth of all the during and moving forward. So would you personality type? I'm the outgoing one in my partnership that I've got with her. He bought a car, I could frame base. He was very analytical. He is very slow in thinking and I'm more Mike, a quick decision and get on with it and complimented channel. I never have to decide to him, you need to do a phase. The ability, the flexibility just turns off in the inbox.

He never has to size and maybe need to go and talk to an agent or someone to get some money partners happening. He knows that I will automatically do it. So this is what a good relationship is all about. And it's so, so important that, you know, we sit in medication to be able to identify and then who want to draw into your life to move forward that can help and support you. There's an all sign tire on the opposite attracting each other and quite often partnerships, you know, relationship partnerships as in partners at hiring. They would be opposite personalities. You couldn't have two Donalds prompts living on the phone. Hash should be continually killing each other. And so Donald Trump has people who are quieter personalities say that we'll work with him. It doesn't mean that they are lacking in any way. They're just different personalities.

So knowing that you have the right personalities to work with also helps you insecure and that you've got a relationship that you want to repeat over and over again with future joint venture partners and go for it. So by all means, if you want to know more about profiling and yes, you've completed one and doing one, come back to me or a mammal and in your bought all of the details that you can give out and pass on because of something on a personal side that you will benefit from as well as in growth in property as well.

Do you have any suggestions when setting up a new J/V group and what needs to happen from the start?

There are two points here. One of them is Wayne, we're firing for example of joint venture partnership or you're thinking of starting up a little property book. What I always with a car. But when you start in the property group, for example, you must ask the hard questions upfront. Why is everyone ready? What's the outcome that they're going through that they can look in for say, after 12 months or from the 12 months of coming [inaudible] property group, what are they going to contribute to the group? And some people might be time shine, but they might have access to money and they can be on the weekly Skype calls that you could have. If you had a little group guy or it might be they've got schools, I might be a tradie for example, and they can, I hadn't gotten any monies that they can come in and do sweat equity in a deal.

So coming in and asking the hard questions to start off with or what the purpose of everyone being there. If you've thought and you put a lot of work into a fire, small-time or four or five people, if you're the main driver and you're the one that is sending out all the emails, taking the minutes of the meeting following up with any things that need to happen, you're doing too much of the work you need to delegate so that the group as a whole, as those trifle, PayPal if example or has a task that they're responsible for to make it happen. Because of their mission is to make money and grow through the group, they've got to be as dedicated and conventional as what you are to put up and front up to what's going to make it happen. The other thing is that when we go and we're looking for joint venture partner, I always say in the beginning, you're all not be dumbing everything fine and quite often more often than not I would suggest is that in don't ask for pop questions to start off with that.

If you're a very analytical thinker, you've probably grill come up with some of the tough questions. If you're more of a gregarious, outgoing, happy feeling of person you want off the hard questions because you don't want to insult or put that person on a spot is so, so important that you care for the hard question. And quite often we don't ask hard questions because we don't know what questions to ask. And if it's a joint venture partner, you might be saying, okay, you want to put in and can commit with some money that you're putting. Are you talking reliant upon that money to survive on a weekly basis? What would happen is the deal didn't go for six months but we'd for 18 months because of a major hiccup, how are you going to manage things? What do you like? You want him to be three-season, every email that goes out the fee, have you not been in touch enough and the whole deal, Mike go belly up and you haven't had any shyness often these hard questions to start off with and then you get a good idea of what's happening.

If it's your deal, your running the ship if it's someone coming into your deal that you don't want them to be cc'd on every email and to be contributing as to any major decision that needs to happen. You need to say that upfront and even then following it for when writing, so that's in back and might, sorry, with money partners, that might be during misname finance and getting a percentage deal and the money coming in. Make a commitment to how often you're going to report back to them. Yeah. You don't want to have to make communications with them every second day because I can't sleep at night and the deal might be a fabulous deal, but because they're nervous and because they've never done it before, they need to have the guidelines set out to start off with an equal souls east. They're very much and in a mind of their arn and used to making deals and doing things on their own agenda.

You don't want that person to be overriding everyone else from the group and making decisions that the rest of the group who are into that person don't have any sane. And at the next meeting, it all comes up to the final decision to challenge test has come on because I thought it was wise at the time. So often the hard question is so, so important. Yeah. To get the outcome that they're looking for and you will live through that if you feel, oh, I can't do it, you can do it. And it's important that you do that.

Why is it so important to acknowledge our growth on a daily bases?

This equation, when I was doing my providence coat, my business coaching course, I was doing property at that stage. I am lost coaching at that stage and I then went and did a coaching course and there was an occasion of Polish and that has stuck to me because I use it so often in property and where I am on a personal basis as well as with the cost and it's thinking multiplied by actions, equal results. So I want to just dive and share some clarity with just thinking. The first one is thinking is what's happened between your ears? Are you in a positive headspace? Are you working on a solution thinking rather than coming up with the problems all the time, are you able to move forward with your thinking that you're able to do your affirmations and your goals and you're feeling them and knowing them and believing and growing confident with them. Those were thinking lefties in a growth mindset and a confident mindset to get really top results. Then you multiplied your thinking by your actions and this is where your tire and fun people come undone.

When people go to a workshop for example, regardless of whether it's online or face to face or listen to a podcast by quite often dish and it mixed up and think that what they're doing at that point is taking action. They're not taking action. That is education. So if you this thing to a popular podcasts, I should do this car and certain they have the diversity of all of the different speakers that he presents and the question's coming up. You're taking it on board as an education where your real action is to actually roll your sleeves up, get at and then put it into action. So follow on with that action that yes, that's a good idea that you heard when you heard that speaker presenting. But where your action comes in is you sitting down and writing and I'm a firm believer, you get far more out of things that are written down on keeping them in your head.

What down, what strategies and what must be done on your master list to make that happen, to follow through with you. So at the moment when you're thinking about this, after this podcast talking, when you were thinking Spain out of the last month, then work on we have direction then a good fight or flight days. Would they give yourself a score out of one to 10, one being the lowest and 10 being not in, have you had a positive mindset? Has it been a growth mindset? Have you been following up and helping and supporting growing with your thinking on a diet is isis of what you can achieve? Then give yourself a score out of one to the chain on your actions. How active and proactive has he been in implementing a real plan and following through on us, I've gone to open houses thing, what's selling, what's not selling you sort of thing.

And then what are the results that you've received over the last month? If I telling the story without having to give yourself a score out of one to 10 if you will know, happy with where you are financially and in the property as bearing Norby coloristic shit success. Go back and look at your thinking multiple directions and see what needs to be done. And this is where, if you think working on the same thinking and the same action plan or what did we call it? Inability to take action, I suppose. There'll be the best way to put it to our, we've got to come back and think about what is solution here. I've got to find a solution and things have to change because I certainly want more in my next financial year despite the actual year than what I've had on the last train. Sorry. Thinking multiplied by your actions, show the results she'll give him. That's pretty exciting and bring it into all you do.

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