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The Renovation That I Swore I’d Never Do Again with Sam Gordon

Sam Gordon, founder of property buyer’s agency, ‘Australian Property Scout’, aims to find the best deals on properties for clients whether on or off market.

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Buying Close to CBD Area Amongst Competitive Buyers and Sellers

Simon Loo is a successful property buyer’s agent and director of buyer’s agency, House Finder. He has many years of experience and shares some of his knowledge with us here at Property Investory. We learn about different strategies we can use to help us buy and invest in a property for investment and build our own successful portfolio.

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The Property Prices And Areas You Need To Focus On with Simon Loo

Simon Loo shares some of his expert strategies and listens to his advice on the importance of property prices and areas you need to focus on.

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Overcoming Your Fears During A Global Pandemic In 2020

Simon Loo, director of buyer’s agency, House Finder provides some expert advice and strategies in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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Quality Vs Quantity In Building A Property Portfolio

Simon Loo, director of House Finder shares some knowledge in the property market and where to invest successfully in the real estate industry.

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Buying a Home Investment In A Pandemic?

Join us into today’s topic on buying a home investment during these uncertain times and the state of the property market in the midst of global pandemic.

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Tip And Tricks On How To Buy An Affordable Home

Simon Loo, director of property buyer’s agency, House Finder shares the tricks on how to find and buy an affordable home in Australia.

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Why A Strategic Property Plan Is Important For Your Exit & Entry

Simon Loo is a successful property buyer’s agent and director of property buyer’s agency, House Finder. He has been working in the property industry for numerous years and has gathered a wealth of knowledge and experience that is hard to replicate. We are lucky enough to gain some of that knowledge and receive some strategies, […]

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Developers Who Make Money in the Sydney Property Market

The Sydney property market is full of opportunities for those looking to create wealth through property development. Here are the stories of those who’ve been successful at it. Sometime around July 2017, the Australian property market peaked. Property prices around the nation reached record highs, to the delight of those who’d positioned themselves well in […]

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