Turn Your Debt Into A Wealth Creation Tool with Peter Mastroianni

Peter Mastroianni, the brain behind The Buyer’s Guide and Loans Only, will take us on his 13 year long property journey to date, uncover how his childhood had an unforeseen impact on what he would be when he grew up and how he made that happen through financing.

We’ll get a snapshot of a day in Mastroianni’s life, walk through some of the property stumbles he’s had throughout his experience as a property investor, break down the great Australian dream into what it has become today (rent-vesting) and learn how to turn your debt into a wealth creation tool.

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In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 02:09

    What does Mastroianni do in any given day.

  • 02:51

    Where did he grew up and now based, he shares his education there before making his foray into the financing industry.

  • 04:25

    Mastroianni has had an interest in property investing from a young age, influenced in particular by his grandfather.

  • 05:45

    Mastroianni’s property investing journey.

  • 16:51

    Mastroianni’s journey on one of his worst investing moments.

  • 19:13

    Mastroianni’s advice so that you can be prepared for the worst case scenario.

  • 21:00

    The a-ha moment where everything clicked for him.

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This episode was produced by Alex Cooper with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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