“Before being featured on Property Investory, it was mostly through referrals, mostly through repeat business and word of mouth. These were through my own relationships with mortgage brokers and solicitors that I have a relationship with and they trust what I do.

Also, I don't do a lot of marketing as a business because I feel that does not generate the most return in terms of actual, credible clients.

Since appearing on Property Investory, what I find great is it's very factual and it's very real. What we talk about is very relevant to investors because we are literally just sharing investor stories. This has led to having a great level of enquiry from investors, wanting to find out a bit more about what we do at House Finder and how we can potentially help them.

More importantly, is that the investors that are reaching are incredibly qualified and genuine. They may have already got their finance approval, they've done a lot of research themselves and they already know the ins and outs of investing. So the uptake has been great with at least 10 leads from the podcast and getting more enquiries since then.

I think it's just continuing from there, as over time people do listen to my episode and they reach out in their own time where it's been pretty fruitful.

I think in a world, where it's extremely commercial and there are hidden agendas, there's a lot of podcasts, businesses and media companies out there that may be looking to make money from all sides. I feel Property Investory is very genuine in what they do as they do have investor's best interests at heart and as a business coming onto the podcast, it's not all about selling yourself or anything like that, which is actually a very good thing from a business perspective because that's what listeners want.

Any business will know that listeners, clients and potential clients nowadays are very sensitive to being sold too and Property Investory podcast has created a platform that has a lot of trust with their listeners. That again that translates to coming across as a lot more credible.”