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The podcast is bloody awesome and I have listened to every episode
- David Koeleman
Great podcasts! I stumbled upon them and love your interview style. They are very informative and were just the encouragement I needed to get my property investing back on track. I was at a crossroads without any real advice from people doing what I started doing, I wasn't sure in which way to invest next.
- Stephane Lavergne
I've recently become more interested in property investing as a vehicle of financial growth, after listening to a quite of a lot of episodes and other similar content, I definitely feel like I have a better understanding of some basics.
- Darren Wilkinson
Loving the podcasts!
- Chris Graham
I just want to thank you for creating your podcasts on Property Investory. Hearing the stories of these successful investors has been truly inspiring.  My family and I are about to start our own property investment journey and are currently obtaining quotations on our proposed developments. We are about to build 2 x 3 bedroom freestanding investment homes.    Thanks again for the great work you are delivering with your podcasts
- Shannan Jackson
I’m loving your podcasts mate, they now make my commute something I look forward to! Keep up the great work!
- Daniel Sanchez
Thank you so much for the podcast, it has changed a lot in me regarding Property investment I am regular listener of your podcast. Great Job
- Sanjay Pradhan
just wanted to say I have been really enjoying listening to your podcast and have learnt so much. It has made me want to continue on the journey of being a property investor.
- Stephanie Chant
Just want to mention that I really enjoy your podcast.   Keep up the great work.
- Jane Maynard
I've recently stumbled across your podcast and have found it really addictive. I love the guys at the Property Couch, who started my obsession with learning about property investing and have found that it's really inspiring to listen to the success stories of the guests on your podcast.    My husband and I bought an apartment last year, which we live in and absolutely love, but the plan for my next purchase is to buy, renovate and sell. I'd like to become an active investor and start working on flipping full time, as soon as finances allow.    Thanks for the great content, and I look forward to hearing more!
- Georgia Minch
Thank you so much for your wonderful podcast which I always enjoy when I am travelling long distances.
- Sydney Asmhumhi
Thanks, I have listened to most of your podcasts, on a recent drive from Melbourne to Sydney I listened for 10 hours straight.
- Jack Morgan
Really loved these podcasts. You did such a great job!
- Cherie Barber
Just a quick note after I heard your interview on James Schramko's podcast today.. congrats.. it came across really well! I have to agree with him on your narrative.. it is excellent! We won't say you have a face for radio... but you definitely have a voice for one! (Double compliment) Very engaging and a high level of trust builds with the listener... keep at it!
- Ben Weeding
Congratulations once again mate, I hope you become Australia’s number one property podcast. I think it’s possible as you have the perfect formal that will always grow. Most of the other podcast put me to sleep lol.
- Scott O’Neill
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