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Tyrone for all the great investor stories, I love them!
- Karen Westcott
Tyrone, I love your podcasts man. God bless
- Paul D
Thanks very much, Tyrone. I’m a massive fan of your podcast keep up the great work.
- Rob Moore
Thanks, Tyrone and the podcast is bloody awesome I have listened to every episode. 
- Dave Khol
Love the podcasts Thanks,
- Alfred
Enjoying your podcast, well done. I have an insatiable appetite for audible (because I'm a really slow reader) learning anything to do with property and equity investing.  I have never wanted to get up in front of people but I have always loved helping those who ask me about my journey, I thought if you needed a story and found mine interesting I could have the opportunity to give back by way of your podcast.
- Tam Thorogood
Loving the podcast man. It’s really an amazing resource to learn from. I’m actually travelling and I have listened to probably 10 episodes of the podcast just today!! So much stuff to be learnt from there. Thanks, heaps for doing it, Tyrone.
- Mustafa Manji
Thank you Tyrone, looking forward to receive your info...and have briefly read how you started the Property Investory...well done. Great idea and well appreciated.
- Regards Andrej
Have been loving your podcast and really appreciate your time.  Regards
- Joshua Keane
Hey Tyrone, I have been listening to lots of your podcasts and I am enjoying them.
- Donny
I'm excited to get into the industry and starting my property journey.    Thank you for reading my story, and I look forward to hearing back from you when you get a chance.
- Nathan Pevey
Great podcast, built 3 houses in the last 2years!
- Patty Derrick
Thank you. Great podcast
- Luke Dodds
Love ur show 🙂 🙂
- Omer Bernstein
Hi, Tyrone I just started listening to your podcasts on Spotify they have been really enlightening.  You have a really great style of interviewing. Can you please include me in your email list I would love to get some of your info on the financials of some of the investors you have interviewed.
- Jules Beeny
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