“I have a handful of ways to generate leads and sales to my business. Oftentimes it's through the existing database that I have. Also I use on Facebook for advertising as well as other affiliate marketing groups throughout Australia.

After appearing on Property Investory I believe it's been very, very positive. I get
increased exposure nationally through being associated with the brand as well as other people who have spoken on the podcast. 

It's also a valuable image and brand building opportunity. I think with a common ground of property investors and reliability through other contacts, affiliates and other
people who are respected in the industry, it is a lot easier for me to connect with
people and expand my network.

I recommend Property Investory to other businesses because it's pure and clean, there is no hidden agendas, it's all about adding value to other people and doing in a way that genuinely helps in the long term.

That's what I want to be associated with.”