“We were receiving our leads mainly through a mixture of word of mouth through property forums and going on podcasts. We don't do any form of other types of paid advertising. All of these are mostly organic.

After coming onto Property Investory, it's actually really good. We definitely saw a spike in enquiries and got about 10 to 12 inquiries just within the next couple of days. 

The greatest thing about the leads that come through are these investors are already in the market. They're already educated and they are ready to take up your services. 

There was one time that we went on news.com.au and the lead quality was terrible as opposed to the clients coming through from Property Investory.

In terms of how it's impacted my business ever since we started, we've never had a negative month in terms of the income trail going backwards. Like every month the
income trail has increased from month to month.

Why I would recommend Property Investory?

The bang for the buck that you get for the quality of leads are amazing. I don't want to be working with 100 leads and then funnel down to 10. I'd rather work with 10 and then get 10 clients out of it. I close around 90 to 100% of them and it's amazing. So for me, it's quality.”