Chatting with renovation goddess, Cherie Barber, the author of Renovating For Profit. She will divulge her journey from the bottom to the top, discuss why renovating is the perfect job for multitasking mums and how she accidentally discovered the power of renovating after spending the Saturday nights of her 20s painting her kitchen walls!

With over 110 renovations in her arsenal, plug your headphones in and tune in as Barber confides how she made $268,000 profit from a single cosmetic renovation in Roselle, NSW, and find out how you can make it work for you too.

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How To Wrap Up A Renovation in 8-10 Days and Realise Your Ideal Life with Cherie Barber

Owner of Renovating For Profit, Cherie Barber, is here to divulge the real reason why she jumps out of bed at 4am every morning to turn ugly houses into beautiful homes. She’ll discuss her in-and-out strategy for renovating within 8-10 days and how you can emulate it to achieve your goals in the simplest way possible!

Barber will also unveil her thoughts on variations on her strategy such as buy, renovate and sell, disclose how she became Australia’s queen of renovation - totally by accident - and about her affluent neighbours, who are living proof that you don’t need a university degree to attain wealth.

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"Your ability to renovate and sell and your ability to renovate and rent depends on what stage of the cycle you're actually in."


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