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How To Buy The Best Commercial Real Estate in Sydney

Sam Mclean and Mark Edwards created Elite Agent, a publishing specialist and education company to the property and commercial real estate in Sydney

How to Manage A $50 Million Portfolio Of Properties with Nathan Birch

We're chatting with Nathan Birch, property investor extraordinaire and owner of Binvested, a group of companies that helps investors.

Joint Venture Success in Brisbane Development Market

We're joined by Matt Jones, successful property developer specialising in joint ventures and properties in Brisbane market.

Land For Sale Has Big Profits After The Property Is Split

David Glover grew up on a small farm in Central New South Wales and studied Engineering at university, which led to him working for BHP Engineering.

Getting Started in Property Development – Six Tips You Need to Follow

Many see property investing as the only way to make millions from real estate. However, it’s in property development that your true fortune may lie. Let’s look at how to get started. So, you’re looking to get started in property. You’ve already done a lot of reading and you think that becoming a property investor […]

From $22k To Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio in Victoria Market

Pradeep Laxminarayana, founder of Property Magnate in Victoria has himself achieved quite well with his portfolio in the property market.

A Joint Venture In Property Development With Sanjeev Sah

Sanjeev Sah is a property buyer’s agent and founder of Investor’s Dream. He helps clients buy the best property for them whilst also working hard to negotiate the best deal possible.

How To Be A Successful Investor in Real Estate With No Experience

Daniel Nesseim is the founder of financial concierge company, Accord Partners. His company helps their clients manage their finances and then invest it in the smartest way possible.

Demolishing and Building: David Woo Formula for Investment Return

Meet David Woo, a chartered accountant in private practice specialising in accounting and tax, in particular, advising on property-related matters in regards to tax, and successful property investor.

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