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Join now and I will showcase your business to
4,000 investors

A personal invitation from Tyrone Shum from Property Investory

Dear Hugh,
Are you fed up spending a kings ransom to get new only end up with tyre-kickers?

The 'big media' sites in our industry charge a fortune to get you 'exposure', yet almost nobody ever makes their money back.
What's more, with some of them charging thousands for basic advertising packages who has the money?

But who has time to develop, test and run a fully fledged marketing campaign.

Or paying up to 40% of your fees to referral partners even though you're doing the work. That could run into thousands and thousands a month.

There has to be a better way, right?

There is. 

It's a branded podcast on Property Investory and it's a system which ...

... consistently delivers highly qualified leads to property industry professionals

for an incredibly low investment.

If you need more qualified leads without breaking the bank then you can no longer rely on the usual methods to get them.

And branded podcasts are leading the way.

Major brands including McDonalds, General Electric, eBay, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson are all actively using branded podcasts to build their brands and find new customers.

A recent BBC study found podcasts are even getting engagement from people who actively avoid ads.

Have previously paid me $8,000 for a one month premium spot.

And right now we have made it really easy to join them. Ill explain more in a second. First though heres a bit about the Property Investory.

Property Investory is Australias number 1 property podcast, and to give you even more exposure it is combined with an online directory of property professionals.

However before you think "Not another directory" ... think again. Property Investory is different because:

For a start, you get your own podcast episode worth $4,800. And 2 x 15 second advertising spots inserted into our podcasts.

I didn’t make this number up by the way. One of the leading property investing media groups offers a podcast package for $6,000 which averages 5,000 downloads. 

And since our podcasts average 4,000 downloads an episode it’s worth $4,800. 

We do this by conducting an in depth 60 minute interview with you which we then turn into 2 episodes. And both episodes go out in the same week, giving you double the exposure.  

We also publish your interview on our YouTube channel which has had over 850,000 views and 6,390 subscribers. 

And we run it as a Facebook video on our page. 

Plus we promote it on Spotify, SoundCloud,, Google Music and iHeartRadio. 

We also release a sponsored email (EDM) to our 7,800 strong list of subscribers the week your episode goes live, boosting the number of people who will listen in and contact you. 

By the way, this is your sponsored email which you even get to write if you choose. Not only that, you also get your own listing on the site which is very easy to set up and manage. 

Case Study No. 1

Michael Xia From Mortgage Channel.

Michael Xia had a problem most of us can relate to. 
His mortgage business has grown through word of mouth, posting on property forums and occasional podcasts. 
However it was too slow. He wanted more quality leads who would turn into clients. 
We recorded a podcast with Michael and set it in our release schedule. Michael remembers when it was released because 10 excellent new leads landed in his inbox within a couple of days following its release. 
And because our listeners are all investors, or people about to start the leads were top-notch and he was elated with all these new clients.  

And best of all it reliably delivers highly qualified leads into your lap. 

However you need to be quick though because we can only release 4 podcasts each month. 

Of course, the sooner you join the sooner yours will be scheduled. 

We also run short, 15 second ads at the start and halfway through our podcasts. Often we run these sponsored ads for different companies we work with, however we only run your ads during your podcast. 

Plus you’ll be listed on Property Investory Directory which is fast becoming Australia’s leading property investing network. 

How does it work?

Simple. It answers the question most investors are asking…

“Where Can I Find Industry Professionals I Can Trust?”

Let Me Quickly Run Through With You How It Works.

Powered by Australia’s leading property podcast

For a start, when you join you get your own podcast episode recorded with me. 

By the way, your podcast is not a basic interview. It’s around 60 minutes long and follows a precise format we honed over the past 5 years with world leading advertising professionals to generate as many leads as possible. 

It is then split into two episodes which gives you double the exposure. 

On average, every podcast we produce is listened to by 4,000 people. And all these people are either active investors or people who are serious about getting into the market.

It’s ranked #1 for “Property podcast” on iTunes and it recently cracked the 2,000,000 download mark. 

It is also promoted on Spotify, SoundCloud,, Google Music, iHeartRadio, YouTube and on Facebook Video.

And based on the cost of other podcasts with similar reach, your podcast episode is worth $4,800. 

Email promotion to 7,800 subscribers

We will send an email on your behalf to our entire subscriber database of 7,800 investors. And while we can write this for you, we encourage you to write your own promotion if you like. 

This way you can get the strongest message out to our audience to increase your chances even further of getting the right result. 

"Sounds good. You're building a really good amount of content. Well done. "

- Cam McLellan

High traffic website – zero cost SEO

Already 3,207 engaged property investors have left genuine reviews and visit the site each month, and it’s climbing the SEO rankings. 

Each new business like yours means more fresh content on the site. 

And the more fresh, engaging content we get means Google recognises it as THE place for investors to get information. 

What does this mean for you?  It means it’s easier for potential clients to find you. Right now SEO is so cut-throat you need to be found on high ranking websites instead of just our own. 

Virtually zero-effort marketing

If you’re too busy to run effective marketing campaigns then this is perfect for you. 

You can get found by people looking for people they can trust … and it takes less than 60 minutes a month to keep your listing fresh. 

Your listing is like a mini-website. It may be even better than your current site. 

You can add photos, links to your main website or other pages, your social media links, videos, any awards you have won and reviews from your clients. 

Plus of course your podcast is right at the top. 

And to top it off we make it easy for people to contact you. They simply fill in a form on your page and their details are emailed to you immediately. 

Case Study No. 2

Jill McIntyre from Decide, Believe, Begin, Become.

Before Property Investory Jill McIntyre was relying on leads from her existing contacts and referrals. 
It’s great to grow a business like this, however Jill knew it was slow going. 
When she joined the Property Investory she suddenly had access to a far wider audience. And one she had never tapped into before. 
She began receiving a flood of enquiries and was delighted to find they were genuinely ready to be coached. 
Within 3 weeks she had several new clients and was enjoying the exposure to as many as 10,000 visitors a month. 
And is absolutely convinced her “listing has paid itself many times over already”.

Verified reviews which people trust

You know you can’t trust the internet, right?

Some people use fake reviews to make them look better. Sometimes competitors come along and put negative reviews on their competitors’ sites to make them look bad. 

This doesn’t happen with your listing on The Property Investory. 

We verify every review by calling the person who left it. This way visitors to your page know it’s genuine. 

And of course, we let all the visitors to the site know we do this and for the first time ever, they can actually trust the reviews they read. 

By the way, we also let you upload your existing reviews into your listing when you join too so all your hard work isn’t lost either. 

Strictly limited numbers

The Property Investory Directory only works if the number of providers is strictly limited. We only want good businesses we can trust. 

And because everyone who takes up this offer gets their own podcast, and since we only release one podcast (split into two episodes) a week there’s a very real cap on how quickly we can add new members. 

For this reason you had better accept your invitation very quickly. 

Better qualified leads who are easier to close

If you’ve ever run Facebook, Google or newspaper ads then you know the quality of leads is appalling!

And of course they are. Most of them are tyre-kickers who don’t know anything about you. 

When they contact you through the Property Investory Directory it’s a whole new world. 

For a start they are probably a seasoned investor, or at least they’re a beginner who is serious about getting into the market. Nobody comes to this site unless they are. 

Case Study No. 3

Simon Loo from House Finder

One of the worst problems a buyer’s agent can have is relying on word of mouth and repeat business for new leads. 
The leads might be good but they’re simply not reliable. You need fresh leads coming in to keep growing. 
Within a couple of days of appearing on Property Investors, Simon Loo from House Finders had 10 highly qualified investors reach out to him. Most had finance approved, knew what they were looking for and instantly trusted Simon to find it for them. 
And since then, his podcast has continued to bring him more and more qualified leads without him having to lift a finger. 
Simon knows that attention equals sales. He knows that people who spend the time listening to his podcast are serious players who are ready to take action. 

They've Got To Know You And Trust You

Then, before they contact you odds are they’ve listened to your podcast, read any articles you have posted and read your reviews. 

By now they’ve got to know you and trust you … before they’ve even spoken to you. 

See how much easier it is to get them over the line? You’ve established credibility and trust  before they’ve even spoken to you. You’re halfway there already. 

What Is Your Investment?

Before I tell you how much it is, let me show you how much you’d be spending on advertising with the traditional advertisers. 

A banner ad on other leading property websites will set you back $2,160 a month

A side skin on their sites are as much as $1,500 a month. 

Some packages I’ve seen mean forking out $200,000 a year. Yikes, I know!

How about an email to a list of investors? Sending an email to the other lists will cost you $5,500 – for one shot

Then there’s Facebook advertising. According to industry experts you should bank on at least $1,200 just to get ten half decent enquiries. And that only when you have your funnel set up with all the right offers. And doing this can cost thousands. 

Case Study No. 4

Helen Tarrant, Commercial Property Queen / Speaker / Author

Helen Tarrant’s listing on the Property Investory could very well be the missing link in her marketing strategy. 

She has a great reputation which means once people find her they often ask her to coach them. 

Because she is listed on Property Investory people find her podcast, listen to it and quickly connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

It means she doesn’t have to run expensive Facebook ad campaigns. 

She doesn’t have to give up any of her profit to joint venture partners. 

And she doesn’t need to rely on the ‘hit and miss’ of getting picked up by major publications. 

People consistently find her podcast, and because we have a unique process for building massive credibility and rapport with her listeners she enjoys a consistent influx of high paying coaching clients for a very small monthly investment. 

Its barely a fraction, yet it can deliver the same kind of results, and in many cases better.

Your investment is only $2,750 + GST for the first month which is when we record and promote your podcast.

And then $199 + GST every month after this which keeps your podcast live 

on the system and your listing active.

Case Study No. 5

Rod Pascoe, BNM Property

The ROI was recently credited by Rod Pascoe from BNM Property as being 25 times higher than he could have achieved himself.

Rod Pascoe might be typical of most mortgage brokers. He was making a modest living working with his friends and families. 

But he was struggling to make any serious headway and grow his business. 

After joining Property Investory Premium he suddenly had who were ready to do business. 

Plus he created several profitable network groups from the new contacts he met on the site. 

Just one deal he did was 25 times higher than he could ever have achieved by himself. 

Don’t trust me. Try it yourself 

By now I have shown you why listing on Property Investory Premium is a smart move. 

And why it can generate so many leads, as it has for our other businesses who have listed. 

Remember, your podcast episode which gets, on average 4,000 downloads per episode is included. 

Plus we will send an email promoting your podcast to our entire database for no extra charge. And you can even write it yourself if you choose. 

And your investment is only $2,750 + GST for the first month, and then just $199 + GST every month after this. 

As an extra bonus my team will import your current reviews from your website, Facebook and Google to you listing, and we normally charge $200 alone for this. 

Case Study No. 5

Claire Monkley from Love Finance.

Rod Pascoe might be typical of most mortgage brokers. He was making a modest living working with his friends and families. 

It’s fair to say Claire Monkley had a very familiar problem. 

Most of her business came from repeat clients and referrals. 

And that’s OK except you know sooner or later the leads are going to run dry. 

Claire decided to do something different and appear on the Property Investory podcast. 

It’s fair to say she was blown away with the results. 3 phone calls plus text messages came in the very next day and she was off and racing again, thrilled with how quickly brand new, qualified leads came through. 

You Have To Act Quickly …

By now I have done everything I can to show you how much business you can generate for a tiny investment. 

 I’ve gone to great lengths to prove to you how well it can work by offering you over $20,000 in value for just $2,750 a month

It’s a tiny investment compared to the outrageous advertising packages out there. 

However because each podcast takes up a week in our broadcast schedule …

… I can only accept 4 new businesses a month.

Act now to avoid a delay.

To find out more about becoming a Brand Sponsor or to sign up straight away call me on

0499 88 10 40 

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