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Build A Property Portfolio Generating $100,000+ Passive Income To Live The Life Of Your Dreams!

Learn from Australia's most successful property experts and get results with Property Investory Club.

Property Investory has all the big names in Australian properties. Inspiring stories and a great way to learn from the best!

Adam Padolski

It’s given me the motivation to continue my own learning and development in property. I’m a big fan of your podcast!

Benjamin Plohl

What's Your #1 Property Investing Problem?

Maybe you’re out there on your own, struggling to get the motivation and support to build your property portfolio. Or you’re unable to access finance, currently stuck due to APHRA’s changes. Or you have a full time job that leaves you with very limited time to invest. Or you’re not sure who to trust to help you buy, finance and setup your property deals.

Imagine this - instead of buying a $10,000 course that takes 12 months to complete, or Googling “Where to buy property?”, or going around in circles each month making zero progress - you do a quick search and you immediately have a set roadmap from one of the top property experts in Australia!

What would it be like, to have a PROVEN plan always at your fingertips?

Tyrone Shum

Host of Property Investory Podcast

Hi, I’m Tyrone Shum, founder of Property Investory.

I know buying, managing and growing a property portfolio to achieve your goals takes hard work. I also know that going alone is almost impossible.

Sure, maybe you can do it. But you’ll probably waste a lot of time and money doing the wrong things.

Sze Chuah from MLS Finance, who currently owns 25 properties, says when he initially started he spent months researching and looking at property by himself to end up with a result of zero properties. After tapping into the right resources, he was able to buy three properties within six weeks:

“What I found was it saved me so much time. I'd gone through the motions of trying to find a suburb and a house and I was completely unsuccessful.”

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re a busy professional working full time and you have access to finance, but no time to look at property.
  • You feel alone, like no one in your social circle “gets” what you want to achieve with property.
  • You procrastinate and feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available.
  • You are looking for a clear direction or roadmap to follow, so you can reduce your risks.
  • You’re looking for informative advice before investing into property but don’t know who to trust for expert advice.
  • You’re stuck in your current situation and need help to get to the next stage.
  • You need access to resources that are concise and relevant to your situation.

Every property investor gets stuck at some point, whether it’s your first property or your 10th property. However when you can learn directly from Australia’s best property experts, you’re not alone anymore. You can learn from their mistakes, saving you enormous amounts of time, money and frustration.

Property is no small investment and it can be costly if you buy the wrong one, but with Property Investory Club you can avoid common pitfalls and take advantage of experts’ best recommendations. You’ll be inspired by them, motivated to reach that next level - and you can achieve your goals through actionable steps!

Think about this: How long have you been trying to get to that next level? One month, one year? Maybe ten years? Meanwhile, others are building their property portfolio and a $100,000+ passive income to let them live the lifestyle they desire.

Who are they? How did they do? What do they know that you don't? When you're a Property Investory Club Member, you'll find out.

Imagine this...

Have you dreamed a life with more financial freedom and time with those that you love? Or having more fulfillment in your life doing the things you enjoy? Or waking up to go to work because you want to rather than you have to? Or having the profound sense of peace that comes knowing you’re making an impact in the world?

It doesn’t have to stay a dream.

You can transform your property portfolio with greater passive income with freedom to achieve your desired dream. You just need the right tools and supportive community.

That’s what Property Investory Club is all about.

What's inside Property Investory Club?

Access to Top Performers and Experts

With over 100 interviews from Australian property experts like Jan Somers, Margaret Lomas, Michael Yardney, John Lindeman and Chris Gray who have shared their worst mistakes at the bottom of their journey and their best moments to achieve success, I’m bringing them to Property Investory Club to give you their step by step plan for success. You’ll receive full transcripts of the interviews, with additional resources mentioned and actionable guides.

Actionable and High Value Content

Sometimes there is just too much information available and it’s hard to stay focused on what works and what doesn’t. I’ve put together actionable and step by step roadmaps to help you achieve your property investing goals.

Following the roadmaps customised to your needs sets you up for success. You will learn from the experts, save time and avoid making a financially fatal mistake. The roadmaps for success will show you a proven path to generate a passive income, by building your property investment portfolio.

From our experts, here our some of the roadmaps you can follow:

Mastermind Q&A Calls

Each month we conduct live webinars with experts on various topics relating to property. Because it’s live, you can come onto the call to ask any questions and every webinar is recorded and transcribed for you. If you miss one, then you can always come back to review it inside the members area.

BONUS: if you prefer to listen to these recorded webinars, we have created MP3 audio files that allow you to upload them to your smartphone or portable audio player to listen on the go!

Think Like a Successful Property Investor

If you want to be a successful property investor, you need to think like them.

Each week you’ll receive an ad-free, in-depth audio interview from Australian property experts, buyers agents, mortgage brokers, accountants and legal advisers sharing their best tips to invest in the current property market. It’s the ultimate reference guide for property investing.

In addition, you will also have access to our Property Investor Case Studies, giving you a peek into their portfolios and outlining the specific steps they’ve used to succeed.

Connect With Like-minded Community Members

Want to join a mastermind or connect with other property investors? Property Investory Club can help you find those people.

Joining our private community will let you talk with like-minded property investors via special forums. You can also form private property mastermind groups in your local area, simply by posting in our forum. This is a pretty amazing benefit, considering some mastermind coaching programs can cost up to $20,000 - that’s not including the huge library of content that comes with a Property Investory Club membership!

Your Fast Action Bonuses

If you join up to Property Investory in the next 24 hours you will receive 4 more bonuses just for taking action:

  • Access to accountability groups to keep you on the right track
  • 12 month subscription to Your Investment Property magazine
  • Rolodex of industry contacts
  • Your spouse or partner can join for free!

Property Investory is more than just a podcast. With over 200,000 listener downloads, we’re a community. If you would like the opportunity to be part of an exclusive community like no other and learn new ways to grow your portfolio from some of Australia’s most prominent property experts, join the Property Investory Club.

Property Investory has all the big names in Australian properties. Inspiring stories and a great way to learn from the best!

Adam Padolski

It’s given me the motivation to continue my own learning and development in property. I’m a big fan of your podcast!

Benjamin Plohl

My Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee

I want to make it a no-brainer for you to check out Property Investory Club for yourself, so this is the easiest, most risk-free guarantee possible: If you aren’t 100% in love with Property Investory Club, I will gladly refund your money. No hoops to jump through, nothing else you have to do. It’s that simple.

What Would It Look Like If You Don’t Join Today?

If you’re already overwhelmed with information, it’s no wonder so many property investors are struggling to build their property portfolio.

Because if you’re scrambling on the weekends and evenings and you never have time for yourself or family that problem is not going to fix itself, unless you fix it today, and what’s the consequence of not solving that today?

Broken relationships, broken marriages, health problems, it’s no wonder property investors get overwhelmed overtime. But that doesn’t have to be that way because Property Investory Club will provide you with the experts, tools, resources and community to help you take actionable steps to achieve your desired dream.

How To Join

It’s just $999 a year for the annual membership and that price is locked in for life. If you sign up to the annual membership, you will receive an 18% discount right now (almost 2 months for free).

Your application must be approved before you can join the club. To apply for a place in the Property Investory Club as a founding member, click on the button below to fill in an application to join the wait list.