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Winston White is a buyer's and selling agent as well as property investor who has renovated and sold at least 15 different properties on his own and helped acquire another 20 properties for a company. As part of his work, he helps people get into the property market, usually those who don't have a big deposit on hand, and helps sellers move their properties who may be struggling to sell in a downturn market. He has experience not only in project marketing wherein he helped developers move their stock but has also worked with house and land packages. 

In this episode of Property Investory, tune in to hear about Winston White's technique of splitting profits with the vendor to create a win-win situation, his highs and lows on his property investing journey and his lightbulb moment and much much more! 

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Main Strategy


House Flips Completed


Renovating and Selling His 15 Properties

We're back with buyer's and selling agent Winston White in another episode of Property Investory, where we will be delving into the nuts and bolts of White's property strategy, which involves a great deal of vendor finance, where vendors are asked to assist with deposits for properties in return for getting higher prices for their properties. With a portfolio of six properties, we'll learn about Winston White's recommendation for when to renovate property and the most restricting part about property of which buyers need to be aware. 

Also in this episode, we'll find out about the importance of mindset on your property journey, why Winston White decided to invest in properties and enter the field, the mentors that have helped him along the way and so much more! 

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The income of the first couple of years wasn't that great. But I think after the two years, once you've established yourself, then your income starts improving.
- Winston White

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Winston White can be contacted via his website, Property Rescue Oz. He also has his phone number and further contacts details listed there.
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So we would access the property, renovate it then sell it and sometimes we'd pay the seller more money than he could get on a normal sale as well. So we'd cut them in on the profits.
- Winston White

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