Oliver Jackson - Renovating A Home For Investment

Oliver Jackson is a property buyer’s agent so he will help his clients on valuing properties and also getting it for a good price. He and his wife started a business called Living Property in order to not only help buy but give advice to clients on how to rejuvenate their property. Jackson started off working in construction but eventually made the transition to property and quickly became immersed in that world. 

Join us as we find out more about Oliver Jackson and how he become a property buyer’s agent. We talk about some of the advice he would give to first time renovators and what you need to look out for, and also avoid, when you are hiring people to come and work on your property. You’ll also hear about some of his fantastic travel stories and much more, all on this episode of Property Investory!  

When They Started


Properties In Portfolio


Main Strategy

Buy, Renovate, Hold

Oliver Jackson’s Expert Advice On What To Do When Buying A Property

We are joined again by property buyer’s agent and co-founder of Living Property, Oliver Jackson. We explore the details on some of the properties he bought and the advice he gives to his clients when they are deciding to renovate their purchase, how he and his wife bought their first property and what is his biggest fear in regards to property? 

Come with us as we explore Oliver Jackson’s expert advice for young home buyers and what he says they should do and what they should not do when they are deciding if they want to invest in their property or live in it and so much more! 

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Note: Some of the resources may be affiliate links meaning I receive a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.
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I've become more patient as the older I'm getting. If you're having a bad day, you're having a bad day. There’s not much you can do about it. You just deal with it [the] best you can and wait for the next day
- Oliver Jackson

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Living Property was founded not only to service buyer’s on their property journey. But also to help clients add instant value with renovation works “He loves finding diamonds in the rough, the ugly duckling and turning it into instant equity”, Property Renovation is a strength of Olivers, and Living Property offers this service to their clients.
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To actually see people doing it is one thing, but then when you've actually done it and then you've actually made money and you get to be proud of what you've done is a pretty awesome experience.
- Oliver Jackson

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