Jane Slack-Smith - Home Renovation From Dubbo Mines to a Multi-Million Dollar Portfolio

Two time Australian Mortgage Broker of the Year recipient, bestselling author of Your Property Success with Home Renovation and head of a property investment advice empire - Jane Slack Smith will discuss how one reading of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad converted her from farm girl to Australia’s most recommended property investment educator! 

Now one of the defining voices of property investment in Australia, originally Slack Smith was a mining girl from Dubbo with no plans for property. You’ll also learn her best tips and tricks for money making renovations that won’t chew up your bank balance. 

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Buy, Renovate and Hold

7 Properties With $1 Million Equity A Year

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Founder of the Your Property Success empire, Jane Slack Smith will mentor you through the dangerous traps and failings of property investment and explain how anyone can build up their own portfolio through a little careful assessment and risk management. 

Discover her preferred set-and-forget strategy and how you can set it up in the nick of time to create more equity and build your portfolio faster. Learn from the master how to apply the cosmetic approach to renovations, why simplicity is best and how you only need hold seven good properties - determined by location and other characteristics - to support your lifestyle comfortably. 

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Your Property Success is a trusted provider of property investment education in Australia, with the deepest commitment to helping everyday people achieve life changing financial success. We believe that financial literacy is the foundation of creating an extraordinary life, to having choices and the opportunity to grow and the ability to give (because you can’t give something you don’t have).
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I looked around Australia and I couldn't find anyone doing online education that was kind of full of integrity and honesty.
- Jane Slack-Smith

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