Cherie Barber - Renovating For Profit In 8-10 Days, Is It Possible?

Cherie Barber runs Australia's leading renovation course Renovating for Profit, and is a household name due to her appearances on Today Tonight, The Living Room, and her starring role in HGTV’s Five Day Flip. 

 Now with over 110 renovations under her belt, Barber freely admits she came into her renovation and TV careers by accident, but it was the best thing that happened to her.

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The Accidental Renovator: Cherie Barber’s 110 Renovations In 18 Years

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Join us as we discuss how she went from high school dropout to Australia’s renovation queen, taking her family’s troubles and turning them into motivation and inspiration. We’ll delve into her first uneasy steps on the property ladder, where she discovered the importance of doing your due diligence, and how that led to her third step selling for just under $1 million! 

 You’ll also hear about how she ended up the star of a US renovation show, and the neighbourhood party that showed that sometimes the wealthiest people can come from nothing yet end up on one of Sydney’s most prestigious streets.

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Cherie has been widely known as ‘Australia’s Renovation Queen’ since 2002. She’s personally renovated 130+ properties, transacted well in excess of $60 million in property & has trained over 20,000 students who now replicate her proven process. 

 With a cult-like following spanning 40 countries worldwide, she’s one of the very few property experts who puts her knowledge & skills to the test regularly, in front of international TV audiences. Cherie is recognised as Australia’s undisputed authority on renovating for profit. 
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Cherie Barber
Even though I'm a wealthy person today, and I'm not complaining, I think if I had strategically mapped it out, I could have been a hell of a lot wealthier if I just knew what I was doing from a strategy viewpoint. I had no strategy. And it's really not until the last five years that I've really sort of harnessed the power of strategy first. 
- Cherie Barber

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