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Reno Made $268,000 With Accidental Renovator Cherie Barber

Chatting with renovation goddess, Cherie Barber, the author of Renovating For Profit. She will divulge her journey from the bottom to the top, discuss why renovating is the perfect job for multitasking mums and how she accidentally discovered the power of renovating after spending the Saturday nights of her 20s painting her kitchen walls!

With over 110 renovations in her arsenal, plug your headphones in and tune in as Barber confides how she made $268,000 profit from a single cosmetic renovation in Rozelle, NSW, and find out how you can make it work for you too.

That's the great thing about renovating, it's the perfect job for mums who are juggling kids and all sorts of stuff. - Cherie Barber

In this episode, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 01:25

    Cherie Barber gives a quick summary of who she is and what her day to day activities are.

  • 04:50

    Growing up in Western Sydney, Barber shares the struggles she endured throughout her life and how such problems have made who she is today.

  • 12:19

    Cherie expresses how she found a job at 3M Australia, learning through experience as she climbs through the corporate ladder.

  • 15:57

    Barber shares her first venture into property, realising their mistake in buying a property – Cherie sought through renovation to resell the property.

  • 19:31

    Realising renovating could help their investments, Cherie and her partner decided to purchase another property and invest their time into renovating.

  • 23:39

    In retrospect, Barber explains how she decided to make renovating a wealth creation business for herself.

  • 28:00

    Barber shares some bumps she had with tradies who worked on her site as she reflects on the fact that her greatest moment was throwing herself into the property industry and renovating over 100+ properties.

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Show Notes:

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This episode was produced by Alex Cooper with narrations and interviews conducted by Tyrone Shum.

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