Godfrey Dinh - Short Term Rent: How to Get 2 Years Upfront in 3 Minutes

Godfrey Dinh is the founder and CEO of Futurerent, the groundbreaking fintech captivating property investors all over the country. He has been investing in Australia and internationally for over 15 years, and takes pride in helping landlords make the most of their money as soon as they can. Upon realising commercial investors could access 3 months up to a year's worth of their rent upfront but residential investors couldn’t, he jumped at the chance to revolutionise the industry. 

In this episode we’ll hear about Dinh buying his first property at a very young age, then realising he hadn’t accounted for all the possibilities that come with buying property after the initial purchase. We’ll find out what happened to that property in Ermington and what became of its dilapidated tennis courts, discover how he came up with the idea for Futurerent, and how he got it up and running after several years of run-ins with red tape. We’ll also unearth the nitty-gritty ins and outs of Futurerent and how it can provide you with the upfront funds you need, fast. 

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How to Access $170,000 You Have Tied Up in Equity

We’re back with Futurerent founder and CEO Godfrey Dinh. In this episode we’ll delve further into Futurerent’s practices, philosophies, and future plans. We’ll hear about the scariest time the company has faced and the epiphany behind the birth of Futurerent, and we dive into the numbers that allow you to access up to two years’ worth of rent upfront. And it’s not just future rent that Futurerent can help you access— Dinh shares a story featuring a client who used his funds to buy shares, and now they’re a Futurerent customer for life thanks to their decision! If you think you may not qualify, we have some good news for you! 

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I think that's one of the first principles that I really took out was, if you can— buy, fix and keep. And then actually think about how you can achieve the same outcome and get the same amount of money, but through a financing strategy.
- Godfrey Dinh

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Futurerent is a specialist provider of future rental income, giving residential property investors up to 2 years’ rental income upfront in 2 business days. They offer a faster and simpler loan-free solution for your investment capital and cash flow needs.

As a special treat for listeners, head to futurerent.com.au or give Godfrey and his team a call on (02) 9358 1556 and mention you heard of Futurerent through this episode of Property Investory, and the team will give you a discount on any deal you may have in mind. 
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There was some phenomenal buying opportunities, really, for us from 2010 to 2014. And the market started to really heat up again. It's interesting, that whole 'Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy', is a really, really good rule to live by.
- Godfrey Dinh

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