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5 February, 2019
Jason John Byron

32:10 mins

Why You Should Hire A Professional to Paint Your Roof, with Jason John Byron

In this episode we’re talking to property investor and developer, Jason John Byron. He will describe how he became successful and how filming a speaker shifted his career, from a cameraman of 20 years to property investor. You’ll hear how a severe leg injury forced Byron to change the way he approached property investing; how


4 February, 2019
Jill McIntyre

33:48 mins

Bagging Property with Life, Business and Property Coach Jill McIntyre

Talking with life, business and property coach Jill McIntyre, we’ll delve into the behind the scene stories of her success to find out how she helps people for a living, how her early childhood both propelled and held her back in certain aspects of life, and the devastating loss her and her children faced later


1 February, 2019
Shane Hiscock

25:05 mins

The Invaluable Lessons Shane Hiscock has learnt along the way…

Joining us to delve deeper into the details about his property investing and developing strategies as well as the mantras, mindsets and habits he makes sure to keep in mind throughout his everyday life, is property developer and buyer’s agent Shane Hiscock. In this episode of Property Investory we’ll find out more about the mistakes


30 January, 2019
Kate Hill

34:30 mins

8 Investment Properties in 10 years with Kate Hill

Once a book publisher in London, Kate Hill is now a professional investment advisory and buyers agent, with 8 investment properties under her belt. Having not been in the industry that long, Hill has refined her skills to be able to make sold investment choices for herself and her clients. Join us in this episode


28 January, 2019
Kristoffer Keast

18:24 mins

The Strategy Behind A Seven Year Property Plan with Kristoffer Keast

Despite his premature back injury and his inability to perform at his old industrial job, Keast has always given everything his 110% and with his drive to ensure a good life for his family, success in property investment was fated for him. With financial freedom on the way, Keast shares on this episode of Property


25 January, 2019
Corina Sell

30:09 mins

Renting With A Twist: Renovating Rentals and Boarding Rooms with Corina Sell

Joining us once more to talk about her out of the box property strategies, Corina Sell will be delving into the details of her rent, renovate and board property projects, while also talking about her mindset and the personal habits she has in place that she believes have contributed to her success. So listen in


Featured Experts

Chris Gray

He’s the host of 'Your Property Empire', on Sky News Business Channel and the Financial Judge on Channel Ten's 'The Renovators'. He started off in TV as the Property Expert on Channel Nine’s My Home TV.


Margaret Lomas

She is the Host of two weekly property investment shows on Sky News Business Channel 602; 'Your Money Your Call' and 'Property Success with Margaret Lomas' which she creates and produces.


Cate Bakos

Cate is a regular commentator in the media, and contributes monthly to publications including Your Investment Property, Australian Property Investor, Smart Property and property Observer. She features in Domain and regularly enjoys interview opportunities on Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner.


Cherie Barber

Australia’s undisputed Renovation Queen, has been a full-time professional renovator for more than two decades, and has personally renovated 112 properties… and counting. She’s a sought-after public speaker, educator, media contributor and renovator extraordinaire.


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