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Andrew Allen’s Winning Strategic Plan for Property
Andrew Allen, a successful property investor who runs a buyer's agency called Allen Real Estate. Learn how he went from growing up in Western Australia on a sheep and cattle farm, and then a career playing and teaching chess, to working in the world of property.
From Residential To Commercial Real Estate Lease and Sale
Liam Austin is the co-founder of Next For Sale and Entrepreneurs HQ. Next For Sale is a company that he created software that allows buyers to buy below market in order to get that instant equity.
From The Farm To 18 Properties Now with Sam Gordon
Successful property investor and owner of Australian Property Scout, Sam Gordon, has built an impressive property portfolio worth up to $5million.
Step To Buying A House With Super fund
As a financial planner and a mortgage broker, Matthew Sukkarieh is always kept busy by helping his clients with their financial situations.
NDIS Provider Portal That Returns 15% On Property
Successful real estate expert and owner of Horizon Property Alliance, Michael Knights, has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years.
This Real Estate Strategy Generated 50% Profit and Grew His Business
Drue Schofield, owner of a business called 4Front Accountants that acts as accountants and advises clients on business strategy.
Using A Mortgage Payment Calculator To Budget With David Fleming
David Fleming is a mortgage broker and property investment financial expert as well as co-founder of Equity Resource Proprietary Limited.
27 Purchases & Sales In The Properties Market with Julie Crockett
Julie Crockett, CEO and founder of Australian Property Investment Solutions. Learn how she uses AI technology to find properties for her clients.
Effective Deposit Home Strategy With Clare Monkley
Clare Monkley, a successful property investor with her own mortgage broker business called 'Love Finance'. Monkey assists investors purchase property.
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