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How To Bounce Back From $200,000 Loss: Managing Finance & Assets
Melissa Morgan is a property manager, licensee and founder of Progressive Property. The business helps the client manage their property and look after it as if it were their own.
Real Estate Strategies in Investing: McKnight 500+ Properties
Steve McKnight says property investing is risk taking. You can never truly know what you’ll face on the other side of the property door. Click to listen.
The Housewife Millionaire: Buying a Property Investment in Australia
Founder of Somersoft Jan Somers will disclose her strategy for buying property with no need for a deposit and how the Somersoft software can help you purchase a property.
Home Improvement Concept: Renovate and Sell with Winston White
Winston White is a buyer's and selling agent as well as property investor who has renovated and sold at least 15 different properties on his own.
How to Successfully Invest in Australian Property with Babak Haeri
Babak Haeri is a property buyer’s agent and the director of three different companies, Bobby’s Landscaping, Sydney Strata Gardens and The Investors Agency.
Real Estate Success: From Residential to Commercial Properties
Brian McNicol is the CEO of buyer's agency Commerical Property. A successful residential property investor who made transition into commercial property.
Renovating A House With Naomi Findlay Shares Her Rapid Renovation Strategies
Naomi Findlay the renovation expert, is the CEO of her own business called ‘Rapid Renovation Expert’.
Australia and United States Differences in Property Market Investment
Lindsay Stewart is the founder and global operations manager of Star Dynamic Property Investments. He's investing properties in Australia for nearly 15yrs.
Guide in Accumulating 15 Real Estate Investment in 6 Years
Sanders Muleya, a successful property investor and buyer's agent of MSISA Property and Consulting. Born in Zimbabwe, he moved to Australia in 2004.
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