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5 April, 2019
Theodor Collett

16:37 mins

Theodor Collett: Proof That Mirroring Works As a Strategy

Theodor Collett is back for another episode, talking this time about why applying the strategies other successful property investors have used is critical for your own success. He’ll share why identifying and having a plan for your property goals is just as important as being able to reach out to others to learn from them,


3 April, 2019
Sophie & Daniel Walsh

15:59 mins

Business & Portfolio Building with Sophie & Daniel Walsh

Sophie and Daniel Walsh have been in the property game since their late teen and early twenty years. Influenced by Daniel, Sophie was able to gain the confidence to make her first investment purchase interstate and become a seasoned investor herself. Together the couple have only excelled in the property world, a combined portfolio leaving


1 April, 2019
Sam O'Connor

23:15 mins

Creating Instant Equity with Sam O’Connor

Sam O’Connor started his property journey with his family as a part of a trust back in New Zealand. After moving to Australia and starting a brand new portfolio, O’Connor now shares his tips in building a portfolio and creating instant equity. Tune in to learn about O’Connor’s background and early start to investment, the


29 March, 2019
David Hall

32:52 mins

David Hall on How to Layer Strategies and Add Property Value

David Hall is back again on another episode to talk about the nitty gritty details behind his property investing strategies. With more than twenty properties in his portfolio and having helped numerous clients with purchasing property, he’ll be explaining why one strategy doesn’t fit all and the signs that could guarantee a good investing opportunity.


28 March, 2019
Pete Wargent

22:20 mins

Diversifying Is Key When Investing in Properties with Pete Wargent

We’re chatting with Pete Wargent – business owner, entrepreneur, financial educator and property analyst. We will find out more about Wargent’s background, what he does in his line of work and how his first property investing experience brought him to Bondi in Sydney. Tune in to find out more about the projects he’s been working


27 March, 2019
Joey D'Agata

23:44 mins

All about that Hustle: Joey D’Agata on Life, Property & Work

Joey D’Agata is back again to talk more about his property investing strategies and mindset. A clear example of success, D’Agata dismisses the stigma of ‘rentvesting’ to tell us why parking your money in investment property can be more beneficial than buying your forever home straight away and the approaches he takes to building his


Featured Experts

Chris Gray

He’s the host of 'Your Property Empire', on Sky News Business Channel and the Financial Judge on Channel Ten's 'The Renovators'. He started off in TV as the Property Expert on Channel Nine’s My Home TV.


Margaret Lomas

She is the Host of two weekly property investment shows on Sky News Business Channel 602; 'Your Money Your Call' and 'Property Success with Margaret Lomas' which she creates and produces.


Cate Bakos

Cate is a regular commentator in the media, and contributes monthly to publications including Your Investment Property, Australian Property Investor, Smart Property and property Observer. She features in Domain and regularly enjoys interview opportunities on Real Estate Talk with Kevin Turner.


Cherie Barber

Australia’s undisputed Renovation Queen, has been a full-time professional renovator for more than two decades, and has personally renovated 112 properties… and counting. She’s a sought-after public speaker, educator, media contributor and renovator extraordinaire.


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